Is Surgery an Answer to Cancer?

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Is Surgery an Answer to Cancer? Cancer is one of the deadliest, most challenging, and hardest-to-fight diseases people face these days, and still, science can’t completely understand why it occurs and how to successfully treat it. Not only does it differ from body part to body part, but it also depends on a variety of…

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How to Take Care of Your Thyroid?

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Care of Your Thyroid. The thyroid is one of the most important glands in the human body and yet, we rarely ever think about how to optimize its health and function. When it’s not working properly, it brings on a variety of health conditions, potentially bringing dysfunction into other areas. That’s why it’s so important…

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May 25th – World Thyroid Day

May 25th - World Thyroid Day - Thyroid Health Karen Berrios

May 25th is widely recognized as World Thyroid Day. It is an international day to raise awareness about thyroid disorders and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, in addition to sharing all of the new discoveries surrounding this important gland. The day was first established in 2008 by the European Thyroid Association and the…

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What are the Different Thyroid Conditions?

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Different Thyroid Conditions. The thyroid is a powerful gland, located in the neck, just below the Adam’s apple. It’s responsible for a variety of important processes in the human body, from regulating your body temperature to regulating your metabolism. Unfortunately, with the crazy busy, stressful, and overwhelming lives we all lead, its function can easily…

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Does Thyroid affect the Gut?

Thyroid affect the Gut. The thyroid and gut connection is very important as the health of one affects the other. Our body is a complex system with a million parts that all need to work together to achieve balance and optimal health.  When there’s an imbalance or inflammation in one part of your body, others…

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Magnesium and Thyroid Health

Vitamins and minerals are incredibly important for the optimal function of all of our body systems and it’s only when we’re deficient that we actually realize and understand their role. We intake them through our food, but also dietary supplements as most of us can’t get adequate amounts just through our meals.  Unfortunately, the food…

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World Thyroid Day

Every year, on May 25th, we celebrate World Thyroid Day and mark the importance of this amazing gland that’s governing our entire body. It’s not just a day to reflect and post Instagram photos, it’s a day to become more present, more mindful, and more observant of the signs your thyroid gland may be sending…

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Hair Loss and Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid disorders and diseases are connected to a large variety of symptoms that can range from changes in weight and energy levels to skin dryness and hair loss. And not everyone is affected the same or experiences the same symptoms. The thyroid gland and its connection to the pituitary gland and hypothalamus are the masters…

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