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Karen's Prayers

Is Fear a Sin?

By Karen Berrios | August 1, 2020

Fear is a normal emotion experienced by humans when facing danger or a situation we intuitively know or feel wrong. Emotions are part of God’s design and these help us collect information to make decisions and take actions. The Bible says we should always guard our eyes, our ears, and our hearts because we will…

Great Faith

By Karen Berrios | July 2, 2020

Having faith takes courage because you must let go of your control and everything you think you may know to surrender it all to Him. Trusting that He will come through for you even if you have no idea how that could even begin to be possible. Just like the centurion did when he asked…

Holy and Blameless

By Karen Berrios | June 22, 2020

It is difficult to see ourselves “Holy and Blameless” especially if we retrospectively look back at our lives and go over all those painful memories we now know left deep wounds. Whether we wounded or were wounded, the scriptures tell us that “we are all formerly alienated and hostile in mind, engaged in evil deeds.”…

Deliver Me from the Power of the Lions

By Karen Berrios | June 16, 2020

Many children of God walk in His righteousness and are found blameless before His eyes. However, many of us have fallen victims of disease and accusations even when we are doing everything right. This exactly what happened to the prophet Daniel from biblical times. As we continue to eat right, exercise, follow doctors’ orders and…

Is My Death Enough to Cover your Sin?

By Karen Berrios | June 12, 2020

Countless times we have held ourselves hostage of past painful trauma, unable to let go of the pain and condemning those who hurt us. We may be entitled to feel that way but are we hurting ourselves in the process? How about us? Have we hurt others and inflicted pain on someone we love or…

Do not Fear just Believe!

By Karen Berrios | May 29, 2020

I am sure you have heard this saying multiple times, even amusement parks have used it to boost their sales. But what if I tell you that this saying comes straight from the bible? Yes, Jesus said it to a man that was looking for healing for his precious daughter. This short story is found…