How to Rework Existing Narrative to Modify Behavior

Banner How to Rework Existing Narrative to Modify Behavior Karen Berrios Mental Heatlh

Modify Behavior. What does it mean to change one’s narrative? And how does this contribute to positive change in someone’s life? When someone thinks of personal narratives, many of them think about personal beliefs or stories they have of themselves or others. These stories can be negative self-talk or subconscious wounds stemming from past failures. …

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Breakfast Quesadilla Recipes


Ingredients of the Breakfast Quesadilla: 2 cassava tortillas 2 eggs Turkey or vegan bacon 2 slices of cheese or vegan cheese salt and pepper Handful of spinach leaves Preparation for the Breakfast Quesadilla: Fry turkey or vegan bacon. Beat the two eggs, add salt and pepper to taste and cook. Place a tortilla and with…

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What is Our Second Brain?

What is Our Second Brain - Karen Berrios Mental Health Therapy Banner

Our Second Brain. The human body is absolutely incredible. Every system impacts one another and works together seamlessly to keep us alive and healthy. One such system is the enteric nervous system, also commonly referred to as our “second brain.” This intricate system of nerves, neurons, and neurotransmitters helps control our digestive system through the…

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What is Biohacking and How Do You Get Started?

What is Biohacking and How Do You Get Started - Karen Berrios Health Tips Banner

What is Biohacking. You’ve probably heard about biohacking, at least in some capacity in recent years. It’s been popularized by experts like Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, Jack Dorsey, dr. Mark Hyman, just to name a few, providing the greater population with tools, techniques, and emerging technologies with the goal of improving your overall health and…

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What is the Difference Between PTSD & Complex PTSD?

What is the Difference Between PTSD Complex PTSD Karen Berrios Banner

PTSD Complex PTSD. In recent years the global focus has shifted toward the topic of mental health disorders, spreading more awareness around their symptoms and causes, and finding healing solutions in everything from behavioral therapy to psychedelics. PTSD and Complex PTSD are one of these mental health disorders that have been amongst us for a…

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Is Talk Therapy Enough to Heal Trauma and Ingrained Beliefs?

Karen Berrios Is talk therapy enough to heal trauma and ingrained beliefs Banner

Is Talk Therapy Enough to Heal Trauma and Ingrained Beliefs? Talk therapy, also called psychotherapy, is a form of counseling that can help someone change their behavior, cope with loss, and improve ingrained beliefs and subconscious wounds to resolve trauma. A therapist is present with one or more people and they reflect on challenges they…

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Best Foods to Get More Protein in Your Diet

Best Foods to Get More Protein in Your Diet - Karen Berrios

Protein in Your Diet. Protein is, in addition to carbohydrates and fats, one of the three most important macronutrient groups that build our body. Ensure every organ, tissue, and cell function optimally. It’s derived from the foods we eat on a daily basis, and even though each person has their own individual needs for this…

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Liver Detox Recipe

Liver Detox Recipe Karen Berrios Recipes Liver Detox Recipe

Ingredients: 2 fish breasts 1 white onion 1 tomato 1/4 cup green olives Coriander Salt Pepper 1 tbsp of KB ginger powder Garlic Instructions: In a bowl place the onion, tomato, olive, garlic, coriander, salt, pepper and ginger powder and integrate everything very well. Once everything is integrated, place the two fish lettuces and season…

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Unconditional Love – What it means for your Mental Health

Loving freely, without conditions or attachments, is considered unconditional love. And although some people believe that to be a myth, others can’t imagine giving themselves to someone fully when there are conditions involved. And now, there are even studies that showcase its benefits for your mental health.  What is Love? Love is one of the…

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You Are Never Too Sick to Heal

Too Sick to Heal. Healing is a personal journey. No matter what you’re dealing with, whether it’s sickness, mental illness, an autoimmune disease, or painful matters of the heart, in order to feel better, you have to go through a process of healing. And healing is always possible, to whatever extent. I believe that healing…

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