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Transformational Seeds

Throughout my journey I’ve experienced profound and life changing moments, where I encountered challenges that have reshaped, stretched and enlightened me as a woman, wife, mother, daughter and friend. The lessons learned were transformational and have taken root in my heart, mind and soul. In effect they have helped form a new identity within me,…

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You’re in Control

God has given us the gift of choice, and it is indeed a very powerful gift. While you cannot always control your circumstances, you can control the reality you create for yourself through your feelings, emotions and reactions. How have you been choosing to react? Are you being proactive or reactive? Are you seeing the…

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Joy is a Gift from God

Joy is not something that we have to earn or work for. It’s a choice, and it was freely given to us. But if we allow ourselves to be wrapped around our circumstances and become angry or disappointed or hopeless, if we allow those seeds to take root in our hearts, we cheat ourselves out…

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Serving a God of Hope

I have been called to live in alignment with the heart and mind of my God, a God of hope, the Creator of the universe for whom absolutely nothing is impossible. What I’ve learned through prayer and intimacy with Him and his Word is that there are no hopeless situations or circumstances. There are only…

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