Seeds of Identity - Karen Berrios

Seeds of Identity

Holy and Blameless

By Karen Berrios | June 22, 2020

It is difficult to see ourselves “Holy and Blameless” especially if we retrospectively look back at our lives and go over all those painful memories we now know left deep wounds. Whether we wounded or were wounded, the scriptures tell us that “we are all formerly alienated and hostile in mind, engaged in evil deeds.”…

Choose those Who Choose You!

By Karen Berrios | December 29, 2019

“Some friends don’t help but a true friend is closer than your own family.” Proverbs 18:24 This bible verse is absolute truth and in my cancer journey, I have experienced and witnessed this truth and more. People you expect would be there are not and those you never thought to show up. At this point…

Holding a grudge?

By Karen Berrios | December 22, 2019

Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong, it makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak, it sets you free.” – Dave Willis 🦋 The bible says that holding bitterness and resentment will only allow offense and disappointment to take root in your heart. Consequently, your conscious and unconscious thoughts and actions will reflect this…

Rename Your Valley

By Karen Berrios | April 2, 2019

A few days ago, while driving my kids to an appointment I got to listen to one of Pastor Joel Osteen’s sermons. I enjoy listening his teachings as he speaks biblical truths that resonate with my spirit. Anyhow, he spoke about renaming your valley and brought to reference the famous and familiar Psalm 23 “Though…

Connect Your Heart to the Ultimate Source of Power

By Karen Berrios | January 29, 2019

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind” Hosea 8:7 In other words, we must all accept responsibility for what we experiment in life. We are the sum of all of our choices good and bad. If we are not happy where we are, we are only a thought away from…

Is Anger about You or Others?

By Karen Berrios | July 12, 2018

Like me, you have probably experienced anger towards someone or something that let you down, hurt you or didn’t meet your expectations. While this emotion is very valid, we may all respond to it very differently even if faced with the same situation. This made me wonder, how is it that we may all respond…