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Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Kill Cancer Cells?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is something that was part of my healing journey and so I wanted to talk more about it. My experience, what it is, and ask the question… Can this therapy kill cancer cells? Let’s get into it. What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? This is a noninvasive treatment. It is a more alternative…

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Top 10 Foods To Feed Your Gut Microbiome

If you feed your stomach with beneficial foods, your stomach will love you for it! Gut health. The microbiome. It’s a thing. A big thing. Let’s dive into what you should know and what foods are going to impact your health in the best way! There are a hundred trillion microbes that inhabit your body. …

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Can Hyperthermia Kill Cancer Cells?

On a personal experience, hyperthermia was one of the first treatments I ever did to heal thyroid cancer. I did it for the first two years very frequently as I had bought the hyperthermia dome to follow the treatment at home religiously 3 times a week. After I ended up dropping this treatment and bought…

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Can Vitamin C Kill Cancer Stem Cells?

Cancer is an absolutely terrible thing to go through, and even though there are silver linings (I always say it was my invitation to live again), I would still never wish it on anyone. My blog serves the purpose of helping people understand that with knowledge they can see that they have options when it…

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Does Vitamin D Protect against Covid-19?

Amidst Covid numbers rising, people are flocking to do their research on what is going to protect them. What is going to strengthen their immune systems. What will heal them should they contract the virus. A lot of people are talking about Vitamin C and glutathione (which we need) but one simple Vitamin that many…

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January Thyroid Awareness Month 2021

This month is so personal and precious to me. I am a thyroid cancer survivor and I have seen in my life first hand just how many people are affected by a thyroid disease. To be able to be in a position to shed some light on this topic is precious to me because I…

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