My thyroid cancer healing journey started with a holistic and natural approach, along with an inner healing discovery with faith in Christ.

I have found my cancer journey to be a positive and profound transformational experience. I’m inspired to share my healing journey here, and trust you’ll find hope, encouragement and purpose as you discover the healing power that lies within you.

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Karen Berrios Inner Healing - Healthy Tips Tiroides



This promise would come to me repeatedly during a season of struggle while in my process of seeking my healing. The way I understood it is that God is faithful to those who hunger and thirst for Him. The book of...


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Karen Berrios Empowering Inner Healing - Healthy Tips Tiroides
Karen Berrios Empowering Inner Healing - Healthy Tips Tiroides


Karen Berrios

When the doctors first found papillary thyroid carcinoma right on the side of my neck I was presented with only one treatment option: Surgery and possibly radiation. Something in me said NO. “Wait,” said my inner voice. “Search first, there’s no rush…”

I had a lot of decisions to make. Would I listen to the advice of the medical community and everyone around me who was urging me to take the traditional route – and then contend with all of the potential side effects and complications of these treatments? Would I give in to Fear? Or would I search for answers to why I had cancer? Explore my options and take the path less travelled, pursuing alternative methods of treatment?


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