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Peru has been on to something for a long time when it comes to diet. It involves one of their native fruits…. LUCUMA. What a nutritional powerhouse! Much of the world is not yet privy to the benefits of Lucuma but once they learn about it- they pay close attention. Lucuma is INCREDIBLE for you.…

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Dr. Núñez’ Laboratory

Once again, I visited Lima, Peru, my beautiful country with lots of things to do. One of them was meeting with Dr. Cesar Nuñez, to follow-up on my immunotherapy treatment. During this visit, Dr. Nuñez gave me the opportunity to visit his new lab’s facilities outside of Lima, which will be opening very soon. Dr.…

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Ketogenic Diet as a Cancer Treatment?

Every day on the internet we find something new in regards to diet and preventing and healing cancer.  More and more people are realizing that FOOD IS MEDICINE and, equipped with the right understanding of our individual biochemistry, we can help our bodies perform at their optimal best. Current research and high-value providing people in the health…

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