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Hi, I’m Karen; a wife, mom of three, and a cancer thriver.

In 2014, I received a life-changing thyroid cancer diagnosis that propelled me on a path of holistic healing, diving into a deeper connection with my Heavenly Father, and finding the power in nutrition. I’ve discovered an amazing new way of doing life, filled with meaning and purpose. Cancer has become my mentor and as such I continue to learn the importance of our spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. Cancer came as a symptom that something needed to change in my life. Cancer has shown me that there is power in our prayers, in our thoughts and in how we eat and care for ourselves. One of the most amazing privileges I have had is in this healing journey, is to learn about the healing properties of plants, more specifically the ones coming from my home country, Peru.

One of the richest ecosystems in the world, Peru has an abundance of superfoods with incredible health benefits, and I felt so deeply connected to my roots, I decided to fully immerse myself in their healing powers. There are plenty of ways to help support your health, boost your immune system, and arm yourself with the right tools to help fight whatever is threatening your wellbeing.

This has now become my mission, to share my experiences and my healing journey with the world. I wish to inspire and motivate others with knowledge about health and nutrition, instill hope, and offer support when facing the same or similar diagnosis.

I’m here to empower you to take control of your health and your life, cancer was truly an invitation to live again and most definitely can be an invitation for you as well. I hope and pray that through what is shared in my blog you find the encouragement needed to go after your healing and thrive!

about story karen Cancer thriver


My wonderful, big family is the reason I never gave up. My three kids are my world, and after I’ve found out about my disease, I’ve decided to do whatever it takes to overcome it. My children are my inspiration and encouragement to be the best version of me. I am eternally grateful for their support and unconditional love during challenging times. It’s a real blessing to have such a strong and loving support system, and I’m forever grateful for them.

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Connecting with my roots brought me on a nutritional and holistic healing journey through Peruvian superfoods that are a powerful source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other potent compounds that help optimize your health and promote longevity.

I’ve not only decided to share my experience and nutrition with you, but also offer them in the form of products of the highest quality. Every ingredient in my online shop is sourced directly from Peruvian farms and it’s organic, full of healing properties, and absolutely delicious. I hope you find some inspiration in the recipe section of the blog as well, and learn how to add these amazing superfoods into your diet on a daily basis.

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