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How do Phytochemicals Prevent Cancer?

I am a big believer in plants being the most healing thing we can put in our bodies. I believe that God created an earth that would naturally house every single little thing we need to live a long and healthy life. In a world of sugar and meat and inflammatory oils… I look to…

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Is Vitamin C Good for your Thyroid?

Did you know that many people that have thyroid conditions are often deficient in Vitamin C? As a thyroid cancer thriver and health enthusiast, I take Vitamin C extremely seriously. I even get high dose Vitamin C IVs from time to time. In my own diet on a day to day basis, I prefer to…

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Why Green Juice Is Good For Digestion

I love my green juice. First thing in the morning, as an afternoon treat, or as a mocktail in the evening. There is no bad time for a green juice in my book! Before my cancer diagnosis, you would rarely catch me with a green drink. It just wasn’t my thing and I didn’t know…

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What are the Benefits of Camu Camu?

If you have not heard of camu camu, let me tell you, it is one powerful little fruit!  In Peru, this fruit has been celebrated for thousands of years for it’s healing and medicinal properties. You might see it pop up in fancy smoothie and juice shops as an “add-in”… but it’s so much more…

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How Does Kale Fight Cancer?

When I first started my journey I had never even heard of kale, I know it sounds funny but it is true. I always thought my family and I ate pretty healthy but we would just stick to regular lettuce as our greens of choice. I’m honestly a bit embarrassed to tell you the truth…

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What Should I Do After A Pet Scan?

People who are dealing with disease and cancer (especially cancer) are often faced with needing to undergo a PET scan. While this can tell us a lot about our bodies, it can also be a lot on our bodies. Let’s go over what a PET scan is. This is an useful description from Medical News…

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