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Can Hyperthermia Kill Cancer Cells?

On a personal experience, hyperthermia was one of the first treatments I ever did to heal thyroid cancer. I did it for the first two years very frequently as I had bought the hyperthermia dome to follow the treatment at home religiously 3 times a week. After I ended up dropping this treatment and bought…

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Repentance Psalm 51

Come into the hidden places of my heart and fill me with pure thoughts. May there never be a shadow of darkness between us and never deprive me of your Sacred Spirit. Deliver me from every sin that brought blood-guilt to my soul as I sacrifice my shattered heart before you. Your love is sufficient…

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Armor of God

HELMET OF SALVATION Thank you, Lord, for my salvation, Thank you that Your death paid the price for my sins as well as my sickness. I receive everything you paid for, the fullness of my salvation today. I declare that nothing can separate me now from the love of Christ and the place I have…

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