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Psychology of Cancer Stages

Psychology of Cancer Stage 9: Sense of being “entrapped”

By Karen Berrios | October 7, 2020

As we have been learning the different stages of the “Psychology of Cancer” today, we are focusing on stage 9 – “The Sense of Being Entrapped.” It is difficult to imagine that in today’s modern world people can actually feel trapped in unwanted situations. There are so many organizations, programs, systems in place in our…

Psychology of Cancer Stage 8: Negative Emotions

By Karen Berrios | September 30, 2020

We’ve been following the different stages of the “Psychology of Cancer” and this one, “Negative Emotions” refers to how a person finds no outlet to express their wounded feelings. Usually, in this stage, a person accumulates their emotional toxicity and keeps it within. In other words, this type of reaction will cause a person to…

Psychology of Cancer: Stage 7, Guilt

By Karen Berrios | September 16, 2020

Guilt. Such a low vibrating emotion. Such a thief of joy. It’s the 7th stage in Flower Society’s Psychology of Cancer and they describe it as the following:  “Guilt: Taking action to break free from the particular psychological bind seems impossible, either because of ethical obligations, moral dictates, love attachments or other obstacles. Simply getting…

Psychology of Cancer: Stage 6 Powerless Anger

By Karen Berrios | September 8, 2020

Powerless Anger…even just those two words standing alone are so powerfully charged. You can almost feel immediately what powerless anger is. It’s feeling like you are up against something that just isn’t right. Your emotions feel hot and yet you feel hopeless, like there is nothing you can do. A quiet anger. Flower Society describes…

Psychology of Cancer: Stage 5, Resentment

By Karen Berrios | September 2, 2020

In continuing our series with the psychology of cancer and the 14 stages associated with it, I think resentment (stage 5) is one of the most important ones to cover. Flower Society describes the resentment stage as a time when there are “hidden feelings of bitterness, resentment and sense of having been unjustly treated by…

Psychology of Cancer: Helplessness Stage 4

By Karen Berrios | August 28, 2020

In continuing our series on the Psychology of Cancer, I am excited to get to the fourth stage, helplessness. Excited because I have some very intricate thoughts around this stage and I hope I can offer perspective that you can use for yourself. I believe emotions are part of our human nature. They give us…