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My 5 Pillars of Health

The Mental Pillar

We have been discussing my 5 pillars of health, the pillars that I look to day after day, week after week, on how to guide my life to be the healthiest and most fulfilled possible version of myself! Do you have pillars that you keep track of and use as a guide? I highly recommend…

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The Physical Pillar

Have you ever thought about what your pillars of health are? What you stand on, lean on, act on… regularly, to make sure you keep vibrating at your highest self? Healthy, strong, enthusiastic about life. These are acts and routines that you keep up to feel this way. I am healthy, strong, and enthusiastic about…

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My 5 Pillars Of Health

Did you know that Numerologists agree that number 5 describes balance? Be it the delicate balance of nature, or the balance of life…this often means something to people who are under the influence of this number. In the bible, 5 signifies grace. There are many references that show this number means something to God and…

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