I am frequently asked what therapies I currently follow or have done during my healing journey. I’ve created this section to answer this question, providing information about the various therapies that I’ve either tried and/or continue to follow for my healing.

The Collagen and Cancer Connection

By Karen Berrios | February 17, 2020

One of today’s hottest trends in the health and wellness industry is collagen. Many people, especially women are on board to add this promising supplement to their daily routine. Adding it to their coffees, smoothies and even baking with it has become the popular thing to do nowadays. Collagen, also known as the fountain of…

Why I Choose a Plant-Based Diet to Reduce Cancer Risk

By Karen Berrios | February 16, 2020

Ever since I started my cancer healing journey I followed a very clean plant-based diet. Why you may ask? To be honest it all started 6 months prior to my diagnosis. I radically changed my diet, seriously, I became a vegan from one day to the next without much explanation other than I felt led…

5 Ways To Supercharge Your Coffee

By Katey Yurko | January 29, 2020

Let’s talk about coffee. Many drink it, and many are not supercharging it. Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world (the first is tea) and it offers the perfect moment to create a ritual that can fuel you not only with energy, but other healing foods as well too. Plus, supercharging your…

10 Cancer Prevention Tips for this New Year

By Karen Berrios | January 26, 2020

Can you believe we are in our last week of January 2020? No joke when they say time flies! I know many of us have started the year with new diet goals or exercise regimens to keep us healthy. While this is wonderful, unfortunately, it is not long-lasting for most. Why is that? I truly…

10 Cancer Healing Foods

By Katey Yurko | January 22, 2020

As the great Hippocrates once said… “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”   This isn’t going to be medical advice, but we are going to break down some research on what science says are some of the top healing or preventative foods for cancer.   To give you some stats on…

What Are Adaptogens And Who Could Benefit From Them?

By Katey Yurko | January 13, 2020

Adaptogens are becoming super trendy in the health and wellness world- so we wanted to dispel them and give you the 411! They’re not a necessity, but they ARE a nice to have. There are some adaptogens that have the ability to be strong pillars in someone’s health. And certainly their stress levels (which we…