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Steps to Detox your Liver

The Liver The liver is an amazing organ. It removes the toxins from your blood, which is essential in this day and age, when our bodies are being bombarded with toxins at every turn. Even if you mitigate your toxic load by using all-natural products, our environment still contains pollutants, as well as our water.…

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The Thyroid and Gut Connection

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” It seems that there are many situations in life that can be represented by this. One of which is the connection between gut health and thyroid health. A healthy gut supports a healthy thyroid, and vice versa. The reverse is also…

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Iodine Deficiency and Cancer

Epidemic of Deficiency Most people in our highly industrialized world are deficient in iodine. While most of us are only mildly familiar with iodine, mostly thinking of it as an additive to table salt, it is actually a vitally important mineral that removes harmful microbes from you body, is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and is responsible…

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Ingredients: 1 teaspoon turmeric powder or 1 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated turmeric 2 cups coconut milk or almonds milk 2 tablespoons organic chia seeds Pinch of cinnamon 1-2 tablespoons honey   Instructions: Pour all the ingredients into the blender. Chia seeds will help thicken the smoothie. Blend until the mixture has a smooth and creamy texture. Pour into two glass and…

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Ingredients: 1 large eggplant 1/4 cup zucchini cut into cubes 1/4 cup yellow pepper 1/4 cup red pepper 3/4 cup quinoa 1 1/2 cup water Salt to taste Dressing: 1 tablespoon coconut oil 1 clove ground garlic 1/4 cup chopped onion Salt to taste Preparation: Cut the eggplant in half; on both sides, sprinkle salt and…

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