Tips To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Tips to boost your immune system naturally

Crazy busy lives we all lead and the constantly-growing amount of environmental toxins in our surroundings are taxing on our immune system. There’s only so much our bodies can take and process at the same time before getting overwhelmed and developing inflammation and disbalance.  Luckily, there are some natural tools we can use to help…

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What Are Healthy Boundaries?

Just like anything in life, we have the choice to use healthy or unhealthy behavior in a situation. Similarly, our boundaries can be healthy or unhealthy. Boundaries can be described as non-negotiables, or lines in the sand. They can be open, clear, rigid, or firm. In some aspects, they can even seem controlling in nature.…

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Zinc Good for Your Thyroid?

Zinc Good for Your Thyroid

Zinc Good for Thyroid Health. Ensuring the health of your thyroid should be a top priority. Discovering foods and supplements that support it can help prevent disorders and inflammation. Following my own diagnosis, I delved deep into the world of nutrients and learned about specific minerals that can work wonders for overall health, especially the…

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Trauma and Addiction | How Does Trauma Lead to Addiction?

How Does Trauma Lead to Addiction

The Relationship Between Trauma and Addiction Trauma and Addiction. Addiction is often the mask that hides trauma. Moreover, addiction can seem like an easy solution to numb out trauma, depending on the trauma and mental health challenges someone has faced. Despite this, it’s no surprise the addiction-trauma connection occurs. Someone may wonder which has come…

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How To Dye Easter Eggs Naturally?

Dye Easter Egg. Easter is known for its gorgeous pastel colors and spring vibes running throughout all the food, decor, and arrangements. From setting the breakfast table and little Easter bunny chocolates to the infamous egg hunt and pastel-dyed easter eggs.  But, is there a way to dye your Easter eggs naturally, without using any…

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Thyroid Gut Connection

Thyroid Gut Connection - Thyroid Health

Thyroid Gut Connection. Our bodies consist of amazing systems working together. Imbalances in one area can cause problems in others. That’s the case with the thyroid-gut connection.  Two very important hormone-controlled areas of the body, the thyroid and the gut influence the rest of the body systems, either optimizing them or impairing their function.  Microbiome …

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Why I Don’t Do Root Canals?

Root Canal. Somewhat common and simple procedure, you might hear about people getting root canal treatment on a regular basis. But what many of them don’t know is that it comes with a specific set of risks, ones that I’ve learned a long time ago and I’m not willing to take.  What Is a Root…

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How Do You Tell Your Children You Have Cancer?

You Have Cancer. Getting a cancer diagnosis is incredibly difficult, but telling your children about it may be one of the hardest conversations you will ever have as a parent. With undoubtedly many different thoughts running through your head, the question of how to actually tell them remains hard to answer.  The way you convey…

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Is Perfectionism A Sign Of Trauma?

What Is Perfectionism?   Sign Of Trauma. If you have a conversation with someone long enough, it isn’t uncommon to hear them say they are hard on themselves, they’re a perfectionist, have a perfectionist complex or they have impostor syndrome. Additionally, factors like social media make it easy for us to see how others live, comparing…

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