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Is Turmeric Good for You? Proven Health Benefits

Anybody who has spent any time on social media over the past several years has seen a lot of different alternative remedies floating around. Some are more questionable than others as far as any sort of science or peer-reviewed articles written about them. One of them that is making the rounds, however, that is backed…

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Can Turmeric Fight Cancer?

Anybody who has followed my personal journey knows that I’m not just a cancer survivor—I’m a cancer THRIVER! My quest for better health through the mind-body-spirit connection has been enlightening and empowering every step of the way. With each new leg of my journey, I am astonished by the healing power of some of our…

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Do the Foods You Eat Fight Cancer, or Cause It?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.” I think that sometimes we really have no idea how true that is. Eating isn’t just about filling our bellies when we feel hungry, but about fueling our body with quality nutrients that help, not hurt us. Fake Foods With our grocery stores filled to…

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Dr. Axe Products Now Available in My Shop!

Ever since I began my healing journey, I have met a vast number of doctors; most of whom are a part of the alternative medicine field. It has been fascinating for me to learn about them, their approach, as well as to hear their perspectives on the many kinds of  illnesses. On my quest to…

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The Healing Power of Colloidal Silver

When I first began my cancer journey, the first set of supplements that I used included colloidal silver. I remember how much better it made me feel overall! I still use colloidal silver—for both me and my family. I give it to my children as a preventative when they’re starting to get ill. I also…

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Purity Herbs Iceland – “The-Story”

I first discovered Purity Herbs Iceland’s skincare products during a family vacation to Iceland in April 2017. The more I learned about this amazing company’s philosophy and approach, the more I wanted to try their products. And once I did try them, I immediately knew that I wanted to keep using them. So much so…

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