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Top 10 Plant-Based Thyroid Healing Foods

When I first started researching and learning how to heal from this thyroid cancer diagnosis, I came across so many wonderful references validating the power of using food as medicine. The father of medicine known for his popular quote… “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates nails this concept as it…

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The Pandemic of Fear Greed and Power

This photo was taken in July 2019 as I had the amazing opportunity to visit Machu Picchu in my beautiful Peru. It is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the world and the most impressive archaeological ruin in South America. With an altitude of 7,900+ feet above sea level, it really takes some effort…

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What is Tumeric Good For?

I have been an appreciator of turmeric for a long time. Since my cancer thriving journey began, I have used turmeric intentionally to get the most out of its healing and therapeutic benefits. The science says it all- turmeric is a true medicinal plant! It’s not wonder holistic experts all around the world look to…

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Is Functional Medicine the Solution to a Broken Healthcare System?

In many ways, our medical system in America is broken. Referred to as conventional medicine, it is definitely effective for infections, trauma, medical emergencies, and acute diseases. However, because conventional treatment focuses on diagnosing the symptom and then prescribing a corresponding medication or recommending surgery, this approach fails millions of people each year, especially those…

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Thriving inside struggles?

Thinking one can thrive in the midst of a struggle seems like such a huge mountain to overcome as it is usually our tendency to focus on the problem instead of seeing our challenge as an opportunity for growth and change. The truth is that all humans will endure all different sorts of challenges in…

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Great Faith

Having faith takes courage because you must let go of your control and everything you think you may know to surrender it all to Him. Trusting that He will come through for you even if you have no idea how that could even begin to be possible. Just like the centurion did when he asked…

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