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Is Vitamin C something cancer patients should pay attention to?

Cancer patients. Vitamin C has been a HUGE part of my healing over the years. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about my Vitamin C consumption.

I look at it as a way to maintain a healthy immune system. I look at it as a need to stay cancer free (more on that later) and I certainly look at it as a way to get past cancer.

This article is for the people who are just entertaining the idea of Vitamin C and cancer. I know there is a lot of information out there and I’d love to provide you with some of my own insight. It’s always interesting to see other people’s point of view and as someone who studies Vitamin C and used it myself in my own cancer treatment, it is an honor to bring this knowledge to you.

Can Vitamin C impact cancel cell growth?

Vitamin C (aka ascorbate) can impact cancer cell growth, make no mistake about it. One study that was interesting was done in Japan where they found that “the average times of survival after the date of designation as terminal were 43 days for 44 low-ascorbate patients and 246 days for 55 high-ascorbate patients.” (Source)

Vitamin C has even been shown to help blood cancers like leukemia. The basic premise is that blood cells are made in the bone marrow and the early cells are called stem cells, these are more primitive and can turn into other kinds of cells. In Leukemia, the stem cells are not working properly and they keep multiplying. Science has found that Vitamin C encourages these faulty stem cells to kill themselves. In studies in mice it has been extremely successful. With humans they say it has to be incredibly high doses of intravenous Vitamin C to have an effect.

Vitamin C or Traditional Treatment? Or Both?

Vitamin C is inexpensive. Vitamin C is natural. It is also available all over the world. Vitamin C is used to help the immune system amongst other bodily processes and since the 1970s they have observed it for fighting cancer. FDA has not yet approved though, at least in terms of fighting cancer.

Recent studies show us that we should at least use Vitamin C as an adjunct to other treatments. They work so well in tandem with other drugs. There is definitely a utility with Vitamin C. They should look at results with and without Vitamin C.

Vitamin C should especially be considered once treatment is over to minimize the risk of the cancer coming back. But using it as part of a treatment plan can be a great idea! At the famous Hope4Cancer, they use Vitamin C treatments (High dose IVs) routinely. Dr. Jimenez, said this in a recent interview with KB blog:

“…We noticed when we used Vitamin C through IV therapy, we had great results for cancer patients. We saw tumors regress. Progression of cancer halted. We’ve settled on 25g of Vitamin C three times a week as an optimal dose which we administer in the clinic. This dose can be continued for an extended period of time. After the clinic, we continue with liposomal Vitamin C which is easily absorbed. When patients come back in three months, we do the IV therapy again. The interesting thing is that recently, at the University of Stanford, it was found that Vitamin C can kill cancer stem cells. Those very cells that are responsible for metastasis, that is resistant to radiation and chemo… Vitamin C kills those stem cells. It’s also antimicrobial. It’s anti-inflammatory. It’s a potent antioxidant. 30 years later, I am still using this treatment in my clinics.”

Vitamin C is best to get through natural means and it can even minimize negative side effects of traditional treatment.

Vitamin C and Thyroid Cancer

I want to touch on this because I know so many people come to my blog with thyroid issues. Did you know that many people that have thyroid conditions are often deficient in Vitamin C? As a thyroid cancer thriver and health enthusiast, I take Vitamin C extremely seriously. I get high dose Vitamin C IVs from time to time which I just mentioned in the previous paragraph. On a personal level, I have found high dose Vitamin C to be incredibly effective.

In my own diet, I prefer to get Vitamin C naturally. It sits well with my system and makes me feel my absolute best. Every day I take a scoop of my organic camu camu and I will purposely think to myself- this is working! Vitamin C is exactly what the body needs, especially if you have a thyroid condition or have battled thyroid cancer.

Vitamin C can help those with thyroid issues produce enough of the thyroid hormone that we need on the daily. When Vitamin C was tested on the thyroid gland of rats, it was found that the rats were actually able to uplevel their production of thyroid hormones through sufficient Vitamin C. It is thought that the antioxidant effects of Vitamin C were enough to protect the thyroid from damage that was caused by chemical pollutants. Remember, Vitamin C is a master antioxidant! It can fight cancer cells and it can help minimize risk of thyroid cancer

Why Natural Vitamin C Is Best

Vitamin C is found in a bunch of different foods. Scientifically, Vitamin C is known as ascorbic acid and ascorbate. Vitamin C is a nutrient, an essential nutrient in fact,  that plays a part in repairing tissue. Because it helps the immune system so much, it does have the role in helping to kill cancer cells. (Source)

Vitamin C helps white blood cells by protecting them from free radicals. Many patients with cancer have a low white blood cell count or they aren’t strong enough, which is why it’s so important to get Vitamin C daily.

Natural Vitamin C is often best because it’s in its natural form and also because it often comes with so many other antioxidants! Take Camu Camu for example, it’s a superior fruit from Peru and while it has more natural Vitamin C than anything on the planet, it is also loaded with other antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

The problem with synthetic Vitamin C is that it is an isolated vitamin. It’s often obtained through genetically modified foods. Natural and synthetic Vitamin C have the almost the same effect on the body, however, the bioavailability is increased when it’s consumed from natural foods that contain other phytonutrients.

Final thoughts

It is much easier to get in Vitamin C than you think. All you need to do is be cognizant of what you are eating and simply get in more fruits and vegetables. Especially from those high in Vitamin C. If fruits and vegetables are hard for you to digest, I highly recommend Camu Camu. I don’t mean to keep bringing it up but I know how much my Camu Camu can help people get the amount of Vitamin C they need.

Always know that with cancer, you have options. It is not just chemotherapy or radiation, you have resources to explore more options and high dose Vitamin C therapy is definitely worth looking at.

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