How Can Gratitude Change Your DNA?

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Understanding Gratitude “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His mercy endured forever.” Psalms 136:9. Gratitude change your DNA. Gratitude is as essential in life as having wisdom, compassion, or common sense. Furthermore, people often associate gratitude with positive thinking. Both actions create a more fulfilling and joyful life and create a positive…

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Serotonin Why You Need It and How to Boost Levels Naturally

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Serotonin Why You Need. High levels of serotonin are often associated with feeling happy, positive, and overall well. Why is this feel-good chemical so important, how does it affect the quality of our lives, and most importantly, what can we do to boost serotonin levels the natural way?  What is Serotonin?  Serotonin is a chemical…

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What Is a Dopamine Detox and Does It Work?

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Dopamine Detox. In today’s world, we’re often easily distracted and engaged. Whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, the fact remains: we’re rarely ever alone with our thoughts. There’s always some sort of activity that we “need to do” in order to get that shot of dopamine, helping us relax and getting us into our…

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What Are Toxic Gratitude and Toxic Positivity?

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What Are Toxic Gratitude. Gratitude and positive thinking are key elements of a happy life. In modern times, these concepts have become more accessible and easy to digest. However toxic gratitude and positivity (as well as spiritual bypassing) have become more widespread. For instance, it’s uncommon to go online, or visit social media without seeing…

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What Is Codependency and How Do You Heal it?

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Codependency Defined What Is Codependency. Codependency is a condition characterized by a lack of self-love, with a tendency for someone to seek it outside themselves. This is a basic definition of what codependency is. However, it can make someone reliant on someone else to give them that love they lack. This can be to the…

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How Does Practicing Self-Validation Heal One’s Self-Worth and Self-Image?

Banner Practicing Self-Validation - Mental Health and Therapies

Practicing self-validation. What is self-validation, and why is it an important aspect of self-care and respect? Do we need validation to feel fulfilled and confident in our lives? Exploring validation allows us to feel we are supported and confident we can accept our feelings. Before understanding self-validation, it’s important to gain insight on what validation…

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Stuffed Avocado Healthy Recipe

Stuffed Avocado - Healthy Recipe

Stuffed Avocado is a healthy recipe, an delightful presented by 'Karen Berrios' to promote health and combat diseases, particularly cancer. This recipe emphasizes mindful and nutritious eating, incorporating natural ingredients known for boosting defenses and supporting the immune system.

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How to Take Care of Your Thyroid?

Banner How to Take Care of Your Thyroid - Karen Berrios Thyroid Health

Care of Your Thyroid. The thyroid is one of the most important glands in the human body and yet, we rarely ever think about how to optimize its health and function. When it’s not working properly, it brings on a variety of health conditions, potentially bringing dysfunction into other areas. That’s why it’s so important…

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Thyroid Dysfunction and Mental Health

Banner Thyroid Dysfunction and Mental Health - Thyroid Health Karen Berrios

Thyroid Dysfunction. The thyroid is one of the most important glands in the human body with a crucial role of regulating our metabolism. Our fast-paced lifestyles and environmental stressors put a huge toll on its function, making it hard to perform all the actions in an optimal way.  Thyroid dysfunction and a variety of thyroid…

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May 25th – World Thyroid Day

May 25th - World Thyroid Day - Thyroid Health Karen Berrios

May 25th is widely recognized as World Thyroid Day. It is an international day to raise awareness about thyroid disorders and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, in addition to sharing all of the new discoveries surrounding this important gland. The day was first established in 2008 by the European Thyroid Association and the…

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