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Why I Don’t Support Cancer Awareness Charities?

Why I Don’t Support Cancer Awareness Charities. Although this might be a harsh statement to begin with, I’m not hiding the fact that even though I’m a cancer survivor myself, I don’t support cancer awareness charities. Cancer awareness is one thing, and being more educated and knowledgeable about what’s happening in this field is commendable. The problem is that hundreds of existing charities that claim to support the cause aren’t actually doing so. Let me explain. 

Charities and foundations should exist with the sole purpose of helping those suffering from breast cancer. Whether it’s through offering support and resources, collecting money for treatments they can’t pay for themselves, or funding research and clinical trials that could result in revolutionary and life-saving treatments. At least, that’s how I see it. Helping those who cannot find a way out, working together as a community to fight this invisible enemy. 

Unfortunately, some of the biggest charities out there don’t use the money in an efficient way, they fund pharmaceutical research that will end up with a treatment no one will be able to pay anyway, they get sponsored by companies whose products are even known to cause cancer, and they fail to focus on prevention and implementing those lifestyle habits that will promote health and longevity. 

Cancer is a serious disease that can affect anyone at any point of their lives. It’s a hard and continuous battle that creates sacrifices, causes unthinkable consequences, and begs for support in any way, shape, or form. Donating and fighting for those who need help can be done in a variety of ways, even without getting popular charities involved. 

What I Don’t Like About Cancer Awareness Charities

Here are some of the main reasons why I choose not to support the popular cancer awareness charities:

Taking sponsorships and donations from companies that are linked to causing cancer

  • Many famous companies get praised when they announce they’re donating large sums of money to cancer awareness charities. Even though that sounds like a great thing, most of these companies use ingredients that are known to contribute to cancer. From Bisphenyl-A (BPA) and Monsanto, to a vast number of food additives and fillers, it’s hard to support a charity that gets sponsored by a company that uses carcinogenic products.

They still promote mammograms and radiation

  • Even though mammograms are one of the best ways to detect cancer early, they’re not the only option. They’re known to expose women to ionizing radiation that can increase their chances of developing breast cancer, especially the more scans they perform during their lifetime. Breast cancer awareness charities support, recommend, and offer various free mammograms throughout the year, and even promote a new three-dimensional mammogram (called 3D tomosynthesis), which exposes women to twice the radiation as a traditional two-dimensional mammogram. You might read this and say “But it helps detect cancer.” Yes, you’re right, but research shows that screening mammograms miss about 1 in 8 breast cancers while at the same time increasing the chances of contracting breast cancer by 1 to 2 percent with each scan. Why aren’t they promoting ultrasounds and offering free non-invasive diagnostic devices that don’t expose breast tissue to radiation?

They don’t use the donated money in a fair and efficient way

  • According to a recent and shocking report, among 50 of the worst charities in the US are the Cancer Fund of America and the American Breast Cancer Foundation, which spend over 80% off their donations for fundraising. That leaves only 20% of the money to actually support programs and treatment options for those who need it. Let this sink in. 

They fund pharmaceutical research

  • Even though research is needed to discover new and potentially life-saving treatments and therapies, it seems like most of the big charities out there only focus on Big Pharma. These companies grab money from wherever they can in order to develop drugs and treatments that will cost a fortune and rarely anyone will be able to afford. It’s important to note that ​​by making a donation to pharmaceutical companies, you’re not funding research that prevents the formation of cancer – you’re basically helping them conduct research on their own products, research that is solely their own, and one they can selectively publish.

They focus mostly on early diagnosis and almost nothing on prevention

  • No charity foundations talk about the importance of your lifestyle choices and help you transform your life from the inside out. I haven’t found one charity foundation that focuses on the power of food, movement, faith, mindfulness, and lowering your stress levels. It comes as no surprise that we’re living in hectic, stressful times with high exposure to toxins from every possible angle. All of that can dramatically contribute to the development of cancer. And just like that, by working on reducing their impact, we can help prevent it. There’s plenty that can be achieved by analyzing your own lifestyle habits and changing them from the ground up. Focusing on the food you eat, supplements you take, exercises you do, how much sleep you’re getting, fulfillment in your career and hobbies, social life…they can help set the stage for a healthy, immune-fighting organism. Cancer awareness charities mostly focus on diagnosis and treatment, without showcasing the power we all have within us to prevent developing cancer in the first place. 
Why I Don't Support Cancer Awareness Charities

Why I Don’t Support Cancer Awareness Charities

Final Thoughts

Cancer is a serious disease that cannot be taken lightly. The fight every individual faces is bigger than themselves, and it’s one of the greatest issues we face as a human race. These charities are supposed to help us and be one of the main resources we can turn to for guidance and support. And yet, they often fail to do so. 

Please, take my opinions as they are: my own. I am aware that not every charity is the same, but I choose to use my time, energy, and money to support directly, where I can clearly see the steps taken to either help prevent cancer or support those who need a community behind them to pull through. 

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