Metabolic health – Is Cancer a Metabolic Disease?

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Metabolic health is the cornerstone of overall well-being, influencing everything from energy levels to disease prevention. A growing body of research suggests that maintaining optimal metabolic function is crucial in combating chronic diseases, including cancer. I recently attended The 33rd Annual Spring Congress with A4M which was a transformative experience as it aimed to provide…

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10 Easy Ways to Prevent Cancer Now

Banner 10 Easy Ways to Prevent Cancer Now

Let me preface this by saying that nothing about cancer is easy, but there are definitely some things that are in your control that can help you prevent this serious disease here and now. Many people believe that due to so many aspects of cancer we still don’t know much about, it’s out of their…

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Cancer Explained: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Cancer Explained. We know it’s one of the most severe diseases one can have, we know it’s hard and sometimes impossible to cure, and we know it’s tough on not just the person diagnosed but their whole circle of people. But, what is this terrible disease, how does it start, and more importantly, how can…

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Gut Health and Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention. The health of your gut can influence almost every other process in your body, impacting you in both, a positive and a negative way. Taking care of your gut and paying attention to what you put in your body is way past the esthetic factor; it’s helping you prevent diseases, inflammation, and even…

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How do Phytochemicals Prevent Cancer?

Phytochemicals Prevent Cancer. I am a big believer in plants being the most healing thing we can put in our bodies. I believe that God created an earth that would naturally house every single little thing we need to live a long and healthy life. In a world of sugar and meat and inflammatory oils……

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10 Cancer Prevention Tips for this New Year

Cancer Prevention Tips. Can you believe we are in our last week of January 2020? No joke when they say time flies! I know many of us have started the year with new diet goals or exercise regimens to keep us healthy. While this is wonderful, unfortunately, it is not long-lasting for most. Why is…

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