Hope, Gratitude and the Supernatural

Hope - Gratitude. It is difficult to cultivate hope and gratitude when facing difficult situations, especially now with the current events, we are all facing. The ongoing world challenges, financial crises, natural disasters, political agendas and so much more.

What if on top of that we are facing cancer?

It is hard to imagine to not only deal with this worldwide outbreak but also with cancer. Individual health challenges many are now facing on top of a very painful and difficult season of life. It is too much to bear!

I will tell you the same thing I told my 10-year-old daughter earlier today. Even as simple as this sounds I believe we can all be reminded of this truth. "Hope is the confident expectation that something good is coming."

As a cancer patient, I must say this is one of the most important pillars to stand on when facing cancer. My daughter needed a little reminder to stay focused on the good around her versus dwelling on the bad. Honestly, even though I know this truth, it was a great reminder for me too. Focusing on all the negativity around us and the disease will only make this negative energy bigger and put you in a self-pity hole that it is very difficult to get out of. What if we were to focus on the good? I guarantee you that your body, mind, and spirit will shift to a position of gratitude which in turn gives you a glimpse of hope for the future.

We are all terminal! As harsh as this sounds it is the truth, sooner or later we will all pass on to live with Jesus... This is Gospel Truth and our Hope! What matters now is the choices we make today which will contribute to the shaping of our future. Please don't leave any of this to chance as you may find undesirable surprises in your journey. Choosing to live from a place of daily intention will set you up for success to live how you were designed to live.

What if you and I were called to live in the supernatural?

In my personal walk with Jesus, I have experienced so many supernatural events, that have convinced me that we are all called to live from the spirit in order to see any physical change. I know it may sound weird or even crazy but think about it! Everything starts with a thought which leads to emotions causing actions, which in turn results in an outcome. Wouldn't be better to focus our thoughts on positive hopeful change rather than men's forecast? While the world can tell you it is impossible, the bible says for Him nothing is impossible. Our world's current set of events is a great example of an extreme manifestation of an urgent need for change. Yet, churches and believers aren't allowed to gather to pray and worship. Does this make sense to you? I sincerely hope for the sake of humanity changes take place soon and unfold in a positive way.

The same is true for cancer patients. Cancer is not only an invitation to bring order to our bodies but I truly believe that it is our bodies' way to message us. Calling out for our attention that something is wrong and that we need to now fix to survive. I am convinced that we are what we eat, think, breathe, etc. However, while all this is true I strongly believe cancer is an illness of wounded love. I think cancer is a desperate cry from our souls asking for love. You may say what about those that are so loved yet they have cancer, or babies with cancer, etc. I don't know with certainty but I do believe we continue to replicate generational patterns of sickness and curses until somebody stands up to break the cycle in his/her life and future generations. I do believe that all illness is only the physical manifestation of everything going on in us on subconsciously and spiritually.

Cancer appears as our body's defense mechanism to survive. As an urgent alert to help us learn to love ourselves. Our lack of acceptance causes us to reject ourselves trying hard to please others and mold ourselves to fit standards we believe we need to meet and change to be loved. I do believe cancer is a spiritual message manifested in our bodies crying for help. As a cancer patient, I can tell you that you must do the emotional work to go after the healing you are entitled to receive as a son/daughter of God. Take the necessary steps to feel the inner pain you have been experiencing for such a long time because of this wound of rejection and lack of love.

Tips for make the supernatural your natural

Here are some tips to help you make the supernatural your natural:

  • Know Your Power Source.- Do you know Jesus' heart? If not I encourage you to get to know His heart for you.
  • Be Filled With His Spirit.- The only way I know to accomplish this is through prayer and reading His word.
  • Believe.- Really trust Him with all your heart, He will not let down. Remember, for the world, it may be impossible but for Him everything is possible.
  • Become a Faith Giant.- Let this sink in and recognized by everyone around you. Having faith requires you to lose control and surrender all to Him.
  • Recite His Promises.- This one is huge! Trust me when I tell you that He is FAITHFUL to His word and it will never return void. Memorize them and write them down all around you.

Let me tell you, you are so LOVED and I pray with much gratitude and hope that you tap into that love Jesus' gives and allow yourself to receive. Something I always remind myself is that no matter the many wounds of the past, "Love and Acceptance" has been given to me and you too! Please do not hold back and receive your healing through God's love with much gratitude and hope.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

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