Thriving inside struggles? - Karen Berrios

Thriving inside struggles?

Thinking one can thrive in the midst of a struggle seems like such a huge mountain to overcome as it is usually our tendency to focus on the problem instead of seeing our challenge as an opportunity for growth and change. The truth is that all humans will endure all different sorts of challenges in life, unfortunately for some, this may be more painful than others. Today, humanity faces many life challenges, from health difficulties, financial distress, unemployment stress, anxiety, depression, cancer, family conflict, and now COVID.

How do we build a culture of victory inside ourselves? How do we live from victory every day? How do we thrive in the midst of a storm? The only answer I know to be true is simply Jesus.

Jesus died on the cross so we can be restored powerful people so we can transform our environments starting from within. I sincerely hope you are filled with strength & courage to take on all those challenges with violent FAITH in Him.

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