Purity Herbs Iceland – “The-Story”

I first discovered Purity Herbs Iceland’s skincare products during a family vacation to Iceland in April 2017. The more I learned about this amazing company’s philosophy and approach, the more I wanted to try their products. And once I did try them, I immediately knew that I wanted to keep using them. So much so that when I found out that Purity Herb Iceland’s products were not yet available in the U.S., I reached out to the company and became a distributor myself.

Unlike Any Other Products That I’ve Seen!

Purity Herbs Iceland has been making 100% natural cosmetics for over two decades, all using wild Icelandic herbs, Icelandic water and pure essential oils. Because skincare products are only as good as their ingredients, one of the many things I love about these products is the strength of the Icelandic herbs. As it turns out, Iceland’s short growing season results in herbs that are smaller and stronger than similar herbs grown elsewhere.

To ensure the purity of their products, Purity Herbs does not use farm-grown herbs. Instead, they literally go out into the wild, far away from pollution and populated areas, to harvest the herbs by hand at just the right phase in their growth cycles.

Incredibly high quality

I love the fact that Purity Herbs is committed to using only the highest-quality, 100% natural ingredients. Their products contain absolutely no parabens, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, phthalates or chemicals, and they are never tested on animals. The result is a line of skin care products that is perfectly in sync with my own commitment to be very deliberate about what I put on or in my body, and to use products that are as “clean” as possible.

Of course, I would not be so excited about Purity Herbs’ skincare products if I did not believe that they are effective. Although everyone’s skin is different, I believe that these products have an international following because so many people—myself included!—find them very hydrating and soothing. I was “sold” on Purity Herbs when their Wonder Cream gave me some relief from the eczema and rashes that had been plaguing me for months.

Shark Cream Gave Me Amazing Results!

Purity Herbs calls this cream an “effective body- and facial-cream for sensitive, coarse and very dry skin.” I call it a miracle-worker!

When I read that Shark Cream has proven beneficial for those with psoriasis, eczema, severely dry skin and arthritis aches, I decided to try it out on the weird skin problem I was having on my foot. Without really expecting much in the way of results, I started rubbing the cream onto the problem area twice a day. A few days later the problem was gone. Amazing!

Like all of Purity Herbs’ products, the Shark Cream is made using extremely pure, high-quality, 100% natural ingredients. Shark Cream contains absolutely no chemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens, PEGs or phthalates. Some of the beneficial oils and herbs that it does contain include shark liver oil, meadow sweet, white willow and lady’s mantle. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me!

Ice Lips Provides Natural Relief from Dry, Chapped Lips

Having problems with dry, chapped lips – but don’t want to smear them with a petroleum by-product? You’re going to love Ice Lips! Ever since I discovered this fabulous lip balm I’ve used it daily and taken it with me everywhere. Ice Lips helps maintain the natural balance of your lips to keep them soft, natural and beautiful.

Let’s face it: When you put lip balm on your lips, some of it ends up getting eaten. When I first made the decision to switch to using natural, pure products, I simply stopped using lip balm because I couldn’t find one that met my new standards. Ice Lips does! Instead of the potentially toxic ingredients found in most lip balms, Ice Lips relies on healing herbs for its potency.

To harvest the Iceland moss, Kidney vetch and mayweed used in Ice Lips’ formulation, Purity Herbs Iceland goes way out into the wilds of Iceland, far away from pollution. The result is a lip balm that not only works, it is also the type of pure, natural product that is ideal for anyone who wants to be deliberate about the products they put on their body.

Wonder Cream Tackles a Variety of Skin Issues

For Purity Herbs Iceland, it all started with Wonder Cream, the very first product that André Raes created after moving to Iceland. André developed this cream in an effort to help a little boy who was suffering from severe eczema and rashes. After just a few days of using this incredible cream, the boy’s skin had almost returned to normal!

A must-have product, Wonder Cream uses 15 carefully selected herbs to help with a variety of skin problems, such as severe dry skin, sores, eczema, rashes, and minor cuts and burns. All it takes is a small amount of cream at each application, and it’s perfectly safe to use as often as needed.

Like all of the Purity Herbs Iceland products, I love the fact that this cream is so natural, and the ingredients are so clean. I even like the Wonder Cream’s scent; because it’s made without any artificial, chemical-based scents, the wonderful aroma of its herbal ingredients (including Kidney vetch, red clover and Icelandic moss) shines through.

Viking Balm Soothes and Comforts

I’ve used Viking Balm on my children’s skin, and been extremely pleased with the results. For example, in the course of just one week I used this wonderful balm twice. First, my daughter fell and scraped her knee. I applied the Viking Balm and was able to immediately see how soothing and comforting this was to her. Then my son got ill and after a few days his nostrils became chapped from all of his nose blowing. I had him apply Viking Balm to the affected skin, and we were both excited to see how much it really did help.

What is Viking Balm? It’s a very special 100% natural ointment made from almond oil (and therefore not appropriate for those with nut allergies) and beeswax, and loaded with powerful Icelandic antiseptic herbs that are known for their curative effects. Ideal for the whole family, it is formulated to help protect the skin and repair problems.

I find the Viking Balm’s texture particularly soothing, and I like its nice, “clean” smell. In addition to the almond oil and beeswax, some of its herb and oil ingredients include Icelandic moss, yarrow, shepherd’s purse, chamomile and tea-tree oil.

Eye Cream Firms and Moisturizes

Most eye creams contain so many chemicals that I’m concerned they can ultimately do more harm than good. Then there’s Purity Herbs Iceland’s Eye Cream, which is completely pure and natural. No parabens, no synthetic fragrances, no PEGs, no phthalates, no chemicals. In short, none of those things that I’ve been striving to avoid putting on or in my body since I started my healing journey.

Purity Herbs Iceland describes their Eye Cream as a “moisturizing and firming eye cream that helps to prevent fine lines and dark circles.” In essence, it’s a hydrating under-eye treatment. Use the Eye Cream twice a day. Lightly apply just a small amount of cream on the skin around the eyes, and let its pineappleweed, eyebright, heartsease and other ingredients go to work for you.

The Rose Wonder is a nourishing facial cream

Looking for a rich and luxurious facial cream that’s formulated to strengthen and nourish your mature, dry or malnourished skin—but only contains natural ingredients? Look no further, because The Rose Wonder is exactly what you’re looking for.

After just a few weeks of using The Rose Wonder you’ll understand why this is Purity Herbs’ most popular facial moisturizer. Some customers have even found that this cream helps slow down the aging process and firm up the skin. Plus, unlike with some facial creams, one product is appropriate for both day and night use.

I think what I like best about The Rose Wonder is its ingredients. It contains Rosewood oil, which helps promote the growth of new skin cells, and Sea buckthorn oil (Omega 7), which is a very rich and vital oil that contains high levels of essential fatty acids and vitamins for the skin. Other ingredients include shepherd’s purse, sea buckthorn oil, beauty leaf oil, heartsease and more. Plus, of course, because the cream does not contain any synthetic fragrance, it has a wonderful scent that just seems “natural” to me.

Which Purity Herbs products will be your favorites?

Try out a few, and let me know your results! Shop skincare now!



  1. Jeanie Ilene Johnson on September 27, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    My daughter brought back a jar of Viking balm from Iceland as a gift for me. I had just watched jurassic world and chewed my fingers horribly. They were not only healed in short time..my cuticle have never been this healthy and soft.

    • Karen Berrios on October 1, 2018 at 7:26 pm

      That is such good to hear!! So happy that you are loving the product.

  2. Lauree on October 19, 2018 at 8:19 am

    Have you tried the hand cream? Do you sell it. It’s fabulous on dry cuticles. Lauree