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May 25th – World Thyroid Day

The thyroid gland plays some of the most important roles in the human body, from controlling metabolism and body temperature to digestion and even the reproductive system. Its optimal function is essential for overall health and longevity, and it’s usually not until we start developing problems that we turn our attention to supporting this butterfly-shaped gland. 

May 25th marks the day when we raise awareness about thyroid health and its importance. Through education and available information, everyone can learn about the newest tools that help with early diagnosis of thyroid conditions, research-backed treatments, and simple precautions everyone can take to protect their thyroid and prevent some of the most common diseases like Hashimoto’s disease and thyroid cancer. 

Still, even though May 25th puts thyroid health in the spotlight, it’s important to think about protection and prevention every single day. Here are some of the best ways to support your thyroid health in the long term.  

Best Foods for Thyroid Health

What you eat can be of great significance for the health of your thyroid gland. It can support its function through essential macro and micronutrients, but it can also be detrimental and cause inflammation. Inflammatory foods such as ultra-processed foods, sugary sodas, vegetable oils, additives, and artificial colorings are known to wreak havoc in the human body and can even alter the amount of autoantibodies in thyroid conditions. They increase the strain on the thyroid gland, making it harder to produce necessary hormones, thus causing an imbalance in your endocrine system. 

Anti-inflammatory foods, on the other hand, can help support your thyroid by not only reducing overall inflammation in your body and making the thyroid’s job easier, but also with specific nutrients this important gland needs to perform all of its functions in the most efficient way. These foods include wholesome, plant-based sources of seasonal produce that’s at its peak. When fruits and vegetables are ready to harvest, they contain the most fiber, minerals, and vitamins your body needs to thrive. Nuts and seeds bring healthy fats and proteins, while whole grains bring fiber and healthy carbohydrates. 

During this time of year, the best foods to consume can usually be found at your local farmer’s market, where you can source seasonal produce from high-quality farmers. Sources of protein are also very important. Although you can definitely get your daily intake from plant-based sources like beans and legumes, if you’re choosing animal products, aim for lean, organic, and trusted. Always choose wild-caught fish, and pasture-raised eggs and meats from well-trusted farms that use sustainable farming and a humane treatment of animals. 

Move Your Body for a Healthy Thyroid

Exercise is a form of self-care we should all add to our weekly schedule, and when it comes to thyroid health, it’s even research-backed. Unfortunately, the majority of the population is living a sedentary lifestyle nowadays, which is alarming, as it’s one of the leading causes of various diseases and health conditions. Moving your body is crucial for overall health and well-being, as well as your thyroid health. 

Whatever form of exercise you enjoy will be better than none, but there are some specific styles that can be even more supportive for the thyroid in general. Low-impact exercise like yoga and pilates which have been proven to reduce stress and inflammation can be extremely beneficial to thyroid health as well as overall well-being. Additionally, a 2023 study showed great results with a combined exercise approach of both, aerobic and resistance. This combination resulted in various benefits for both, physical and mental health. 

How to Balance out Your Hormones? 

Hormones are the literal messengers in our bodies, sending important information to cells and organs. Therefore, their optimal balance is crucial for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Inflammation, stress, and chronic conditions can severely impact the endocrine system and cause a serious imbalance in hormone production and excretion. This is why following a hormone-balancing protocol should be at the top of our priority. 

Balancing out our hormones naturally can be done simply by implementing certain lifestyle practices such as: 

Specific Supplements and Medications for Thyroid Health

In addition to a healthy diet, sometimes our bodies need a bit more help from the supplement side. Especially if we’re already dealing with a hormonal imbalance or inflammation of the thyroid. Luckily, there are some great supplements out there to help support thyroid health. Here are just some to note: 

  • Selenium – a crucial nutrient for thyroid health which can often get depleted due to oxidative stress
  • Iodine – many thyroid diseases are tied to iodine deficiency, as its main role in the human body is to support hormone production
  • Iron – the thyroid needs iron in order to properly convert T4 to T3, so being deficient can make the process almost impossible 
  • Zinc – another mineral that’s necessary for hormone production, zinc deficiency can cause a myriad of dysfunctions in the thyroid
  • Nigela seeds – research shows their benefits in balancing out insulin, testosterone, and even thyroid hormones
  • Ashwagandha – its anti-inflammatory properties can be extremely beneficial to those with thyroid inflammation
  • Atriplex halimus – its medicinal properties are widely used to manage thyroid disorders
  • Bunium incrassatum – this herb might help repair damaged thyroid tissue
  • Agarwood – there is some research that shows how agarwood might be helpful in healing thyroid cancer 

Newest Research on Thyroid Health

In addition to everything above, here’s some new and exciting research in the field of thyroid health: 

May 25th World Thyroid Day Infographic

May 25th World Thyroid Day Infographic

Final Thoughts

May 25th is the perfect day to use all the resources available to learn more about thyroid health and disease prevention. However, by implementing these lifestyle routines, you’ll be able to stay on top of thyroid health, day in and day out. 

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