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Healing Thyroid Cancer Naturally

Thyroid cancer is probably the hardest thyroid diagnosis to receive, but once you do, you begin to see your life completely differently. You start analyzing your lifestyle, daily routines, to-do lists, and everything you consume. You also start thinking about how much you move and how big the impact of stress is on your life. Finally, your mind goes to all the ways you can implement change, from what you put on your plate and how often you sleep before midnight to holistic ways that help healing thyroid cancer naturally.

What is Thyroid Cancer?

Thyroid cancer shows up as a malignant growth in the thyroid gland. The cells in the tissue become malignant, spreading to the surrounding areas. There are two different types of thyroid cancer (differentiated thyroid cancer and medullary thyroid cancer), which greatly differ from one another as well as their healing outcome. The risk for the development of these malignant cells is increased by radiation, genetics, or having a familial history. Still, scientists aren’t completely aware of how it shows up and what makes someone more exposed than others.

Usual medical treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, thyroid hormone therapy, and targeted therapy. There are also multiple clinical trials that a thyroid cancer patient can choose to be a part of as it may be the best option for their condition. Still, with all of this medical approach, there is always the possibility of going the holistic and alternative way. Here are some examples that might help you out.

Holistic Approach to Healing Thyroid Cancer


In recent years, immunotherapy has been making waves among those diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It’s a type of treatment that uses biological substances to encourage and boost the patient’s own immune system, helping it put up a fight against malignant cancer cells. There are five different types of immunotherapy (checkpoint inhibitors, adoptive cell transfer, monoclonal antibodies, treatment vaccines, and cytokines) that all have a different approach to nudge your immune system and improve its response. Immunotherapy is a fast-growing cancer treatment, with promising results in melanoma, bladder cancer, leukemias, and renal cell carcinoma, and many other types to follow.

Immunotherapy has also been studied for its potential in healing thyroid cancer, bringing hope and incredible changes to treatment by targetting a specific protein that has the ability to shut down T white blood cells, responsible for a healthy immune response. This way, the T cells are not blocked from performing their function and helping fight cancer.


Certain foods have a remarkable way of healing the body from the inside out. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, cancer-fighting antioxidants, as well as a variety of powerful plant compounds that boost your immune system and help lower inflammation. Some of these superfoods exist in untouched areas, where agriculture and farming haven’t reached levels that leave the soil depleted and in need of artificial nutrient boost.

Peru is home to some of the most incredible and abundant plants and herbs that have a plethora of health-boosting properties. Some of them include maca root, raw cacao, lucuma, and camu camu. They are all studied for their amazing effects against cancer, whether in addition or without a healing treatment.

2014 dietary review shone a light on areas of the world with the increasing risk of thyroid cancer. These areas had a few things in common: they were all iodine-deficient and plentiful in meat consumption. While there are other dietary and lifestyle factors that can contribute to developing thyroid as well as other types of cancers (like smoking and alcohol abuse), these two are shown to be directly linked to thyroid cancer.

Herbs and Supplements

In addition to powerful and nutritious plants you can add to your daily routine, there are some potent herbs that have shown great results in helping heal thyroid cancer naturally. Green tea extract helps against chronic inflammation, punicalagin (found in pomegranate) induces cancer cell death, curcumin has a multitude of chemoprotective properties, flavonoids help affect thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism, and capsaicin suppresses the migration of malignant cells.

Infrared Sauna

People with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as well as other thyroid conditions report feeling significantly better after an infrared sauna treatment. They report having more energy, fewer pains, improved skin health, boosted mood, as well as a healthier weight management. While infrared sauna hasn’t strictly been researched in connection to thyroid cancer, the overall benefits can only help in making your treatment that more efficient, no matter what route you take. Lowering inflammation, fatigue, and overall chronic pains can help by improving the results of your treatment, boosting your mood, and giving you more energy to keep fighting. I personally love my Sunlighten Infrared Sauna.

Emotional/Spiritual Role in Healing

We’ve all heard of miracles in cancer healing journeys, with people reporting how turning to faith and their support system did wonders for their emotional health. Emotional health is an extremely important part of your overall health, and when fighting diseases that encompass every single aspect of your body and mind, it starts to carry an even more important role. Getting diagnosed with cancer is truly a life-changing experience that can lead to depression, anxiety, and overall distress that can only add to the physical stress your body is already going through.

Nurturing emotional health can have a tremendously positive impact on your healing journey, helping you push through during the hardest moments. Some people turn to removing toxic relationships in their lives and only focus on the ones that bring light and positivity, while others turn to faith and daily prayer as their meditation, helping them tune inwards and work on their inner peace. Whatever channel they go through offers them some calmness in the storm, helping lower their inflammation and give them strength to fight harder.

Healing Thyroid Cancer Naturally Infographic

Healing Thyroid Cancer Naturally Infographic

Final Thoughts

While getting diagnosed with thyroid cancer is a painful and life-changing experience, not giving up hope and showing up for yourself will be the greatest factors in your healing journey. This is when you’ll be able to open your eyes to natural healing solutions, boosting your immune system and helping you push harder than ever before.

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