Seeds of Identity

Seeds of Identity

By Karen Berrios | April 28, 2017

Pay Attention to Your Perceptions While we’re rarely consciously aware of them, our perceptions have a significant impact on our lives. Perceptions are based on our feelings and create our reality. Our emotions are an expression of an inward phenomenon known as feelings. Emotions are a third of our health therefore our perceptions impact our…

Exercise Your Thinking Muscles

By Karen Berrios | March 4, 2017

Changing old thought patterns that are not serving you well isn’t easy. I know, because I struggle with this, too. It takes daily effort to build the “thinking muscles” that support transformation. You need to be intentional about digging to the root of your unhealthy thought patterns, and then replacing lies with truths in order…

You’re in Control

By Karen Berrios | February 4, 2017

God has given us the gift of choice, and it is indeed a very powerful gift. While you cannot always control your circumstances, you can control the reality you create for yourself through your feelings, emotions and reactions. How have you been choosing to react? Are you being proactive or reactive? Are you seeing the…