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Health Goals for 2021

Health Goals. I find New Year’s resolutions to be incredibly motivating. A new year is a blank slate. It’s a chance to prove to ourselves that we can exist in a way that fills us up, that makes us healthier and happier people. While there are personal relationship goals and monetary goals and family goals… I believe none of those can be achieved to the greatest ability without living or striving to live in a healthy, high vibe state.

Health is wealth. If we are not healthy- what do we have? We don’t have the energy to be there for everything with our loved ones. We aren’t able to be as happy because we are sick or in pain.

Health is achievable. Healing is achievable!

I urge you to read my five pillars of health and then laser focus on things you can do to achieve a stronger state of health in 2021.

The goals I wrote out are ones that everyone should be practicing. Not just a certain group of people, everyone! They are stemmed from my five pillars of health- physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual and if you stick to them I guarantee life will become much brighter for you.

KB Health Goals For 2021

1. Incorporate more plants into your diet

It is so important that you get more phytochemicals into your body! This is definitely going to help strengthen your physical pillar of health.

Phytochemicals are plant (meaning phyto) chemicals, which are compounds in plants (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes) that play a role in giving plants their taste, color, and smell. For instance, they give plums and eggplants, and carrots their vibrant hues, they give parsley their spicy taste, they give oranges their strong scent. Phytochemicals are edible, in fact, they are found in all parts of the plant. Even the peel and skin. (Often the skin is one of the healthiest parts to eat!)

Research shows us that a variety of phytochemicals in our body is important. It helps our gut flora and overall helps us function better in general. Read up on most scientific analysis on the subject, and you will note the importance of varying phytochemicals in our diet and how doing so can even prevent disease (and many diseases start in the gut.)

For some general guidelines, try to get in as many different plants as you can each week. I aim for over 30 (drinking green juice helps me pack more in) and try to have greens on your plate at every single meal. Once you do it for a few weeks, this becomes second nature! Also don’t force yourself to eat a plant (be it vegetable, fruit, or seed) that you don’t like! There is plenty you can replace it with. This should be enjoyable, not something where you feel like someone is torturing you. Plants are your friend! 😉

2. Detox yourself both socially and physically

This is two goals in one. Physically, it is so important to keep your detox pathways open. Your liver, your sweat glands, elimination factors, saliva, etc.

Every day you should be doing things to detox your body. Whether it is taking a proper supplement for your liver, or making sure you get enough fiber in to make sure your bowel movements are normal- these things matter. Your immune system cannot properly function without you being able to detox toxins.

One way I like to detox is by going into a sauna a few times a week.  I view it as a non-negotiable and wholeheartedly believe it was a key practice in my healing from cancer. I now look at it as a way to prevent cancer. If you can’t access a sauna, I would recommend sweating in general! Through high heat or working out. Sweat releases toxins and our bodies are so overloaded with toxins no matter what we do- this, due to environmental problems such as pollution and GMO filled soil. Sweat it out!

Socially detoxing is just as important. If you have people that drag you down or leave you feeling angry or in fear- it is time to ditch them. Socially detox. And if you can’t ditch them (perhaps they are your family) then you need to learn how to create solid boundaries so that you can protect your energy.

This is the year your body radiates white light from the inside out- where your cells get cleaner and the energy you take in fuels you in a positive way!

3. Move intentionally each day

Life is not meant to be stagnant! Life is meant to be lived in movement. There is a time for rest and a time for movement. The day time is when you should move. Consider this a time when you are caring for your physical pillar of health.

Are you at a desk all day? Get up and stretch every hour.
Are you standing in one place all day? Make sure to get some exercise before or after work to help with circulation.

Intentional movement is so important to keep the body young and healthy and spry. Working out is a wonderful goal and if you can get it in at least 3X a week you will be stronger for it.

Going for walks is great for the heart and also the lymphatic system. I myself go for walks each week in addition to working out. It does amazing things for the body and doesn’t cost a single thing to be able to enjoy it!

4. Do something for your immune system every day

Believe it or not, this fits into two health pillars. Both physical and social. Why social? Because when you care about your own immune system, it shows others you are caring for THEM but doing whatever you can to not get sick by infectious illnesses. With everything going on, can you imagine how further ahead we would be if we were to increase how much we care about our immune systems?

One way you can do this is by strengthening your spine, getting exercise (by the way- rebounding is exercise + detox combined!), and eating properly.

To make it easy on yourself- start with Vitamin C. Aim to get in as much Vitamin C as possible.

One thing I can always do is take Camu Camu every single day. Nothing beats it in terms of Vitamin C! One teaspoon gives you more Vitamin C than you need all day! Make sure your Camu Camu is from Peru, raw, and organic.

So if you feel overwhelmed with boosting your immune system as an overall goal- know that getting in enough Vitamin C each day (and making that a goal!) will have a big impact. It boosts immunity by helping white blood cells function better. It also helps in the production of white blood cells which is equally important. White blood cells help fight off infections and it’s pretty incredible that Vitamin C plays such a big role.

5. Work on being non-reactive and cater to your mental strength

We live in such a fast-paced society. We are rarely stopping to smell the roses. We are rarely taking deep breaths. Look at the many roles in your life- chances are you wear a lot of hats. Does this stress you out? How are you in stressful situations? Or when something doesn’t go your way?

One thing that Dr. Jimenez told me, who is in the KB medical community, was that one cause of cancer can be a lack of proper oxygenation and excess stress throughout our lives.

When we react to situations negatively, we are typically vibrating at a low frequency. High frequencies heal low frequencies harm.

All of us encounter experiences in life when we may be temporally overwhelmed by negative emotions, be it anger, pressure, nervousness, despair, or confusion. In these situations, how we choose to “master the moment” can make the difference between proactive versus reactive, confidence versus insecurity, and success versus failure.

I know I have allowed myself to be a prisoner of my past multiple times robbing my future’s positive forthcomings. May THIS be the year you give your stress to God, that you pray to Him for strength in being able to think before you act and not tense up when stressed.

If you work at this every day, you will be caring for your mental and spiritual pillars. A New Year resolution worth keeping.

In a way, this also caters to your social pillar because if you are a nonreactive person, your social life will be much more pleasant and rich not only for yourself but others as well.

6. Count your blessings before bed each night and get proper sleep

This is another resolution that is going to uphold two of your pillars: both physical and spiritual.

As we end our day and wipe the slate clean, it is so important to thank God for all that he provided for us that day. Even if that is just air in your lungs, food on the table, and a place to rest your head at night. There is always something to thank our Father for.

Practicing gratitude is so good for the soul and can overtime change your perspective on life. That’s why I urge you to do this every night. Morning time is also great, but I wanted to make this goal a two in one- all done at nighttime.

So let’s say you have the gratitude part at night in place, can you make this a habit to practice at the same time every night? This is going to nourish your circadian rhythm.

A bedtime routine is something your body loves. Now- you must make sure you are getting high-quality sleep this year! It is more about the quality of the hours you sleep and less about the quantity. Someone could sleep for a mere six hours and it can be wonderful sleep. Someone else could have drank alcohol before bed and slept for twelve hours- but that is not quality sleep.

If you are sleep deprived, your body will start to go haywire. Your immune system will start to go down, and your mood will suffer. Sleep is important for detoxing and regenerating new cells as well! Especially in the brain! (Source) I am not a doctor but I will say, when fighting cancer, I made sleep a huge priority (holidays or not) and my body is better for it.

Do you think you can do this for yourself this year? Gratitude + high quality sleep? I think you can. 🙂

7. Go on an emotional diet

I once made a resolution to go on an emotional diet- and this year I am urging you to do the same.

Just like we all have physical habits (such as brushing our teeth), we all have thought habits as well. Unfortunately, most of the time we operate in “default” mode, completely unaware of how we think, especially the things that trigger certain thought patterns. Which is a problem, because our thoughts impact our health.

One of the things I’ve learned is that our cells HEAR our thoughts. This idea was quite new to me. We can provide life with our thoughts and words… and we can also do the opposite. When I go into negative thinking patterns—worry mode, anxiety—my cells hear this. Which can’t possibly be good.

Your resolution should be to start to become very intentional about being aware of your thoughts. Just as you might avoid toxic foods, you should now strive to avoid toxic thoughts. Doing this requires a level of self-awareness that you might not have yet. It’s okay! Work at it! Each morning when you wake up, ask yourself some very important questions: What am I feeling? What am I thinking? What do I need to function and make the right choices for this day?

Focusing on positive thoughts and pushing away negative thoughts is going to cater to your emotional pillar of health.

You should be aware of your feelings, but you don’t have to operate from them. Acknowledge them, decide if they’re true or false, and then let them go if they are not serving you well. Yes, sometimes I might have negative thoughts, negative emotions, feel things that I shouldn’t. That’s okay. I forgive myself, let it go, and move on. You should do the same.

Final Thoughts

New Year’s resolutions can be fun and a motivating challenge! Make sure that you aim for progress and not perfection, otherwise, we will always fall short. Know that you deserve all the good health in the world and if you do put your health first, all your other desires in life will become even more in reach. May God bless you in 2021 and may your pillars of health stand tall this year!


  1. Linda Butler on December 30, 2020 at 9:48 am

    Wonderful and very vital information to our lives and I took it all I in. Thank you so much for this information.

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