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Why The Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic technique?

Cervical Chiropractic technique. Dr. Blair’s research discovered the fact that the human spine is more asymmetrical rather than symmetrical. This makes it fundamentally different from any other Chiropractic adjusting method.

The Blair technique addresses the top two cervical vertebrae being the atlas and axis for these are the only two which do not have intervertebral discs, like the rest of the human spine; are the two most freely moveable vertebrae; are the ones most commonly misaligned and the easiest to be misaligned.

Misalignments in other spinal vertebrae require far more force to occur and are usually as a result of significant trauma. They are usually secondary to an upper cervical subluxation.

Since malformations in bone structure are the rule rather than the exception,

Blair is the only upper cervical method that focuses on the alignment and misalignment of each individual joint, rather than an overall sectional alignment.

With the Blair spinographic (x-ray) analysis being the only analysis that looks specifically at the joint (bone-to-bone) relationship to determine alignment or misalignment, the accuracy of the analysis is extremely high in detecting even very small misalignments that can and do interfere with, and cause irritation to, vital nerve tissues controlling all functions in the human body. 

A bodily injury or force may result in the skull shifting to one of these upper neck (Atlas/Axis) vertebrae, A consequence of the injury can be ligament stretching, damage and/or tearing, resulting in the person’s head remaining in a subluxated (misaligned) position and requiring intervention of some kind to restore normal skull-atlas relationship and head and neck realignment.

Those who have experienced the Blair adjustment will testify that apart from a drop of the headpiece they are resting on, the force applied by a master of this adjustment is very tolerable, gentle and quite effective.

Immediately following the adjustment, you are able to rest for 15 minutes on a comfortable resting bench that allows the necessary time for the nerves to rejuvenate and begin controlling the supporting musculature. In essence, allowing you to ‘hold’ the adjustment much longer. This ultimately allows you to heal faster and more completely.

In a nutshell, the brain, specifically the brain stem, houses the control centers for all the organs in the body. The lower part of the brainstem is protected by the top two bones of the spine, the Atlas and the Axis. When either or both of these vertebrae lose their proper alignment, they can interfere with and disturb vital organ function. Interference here leads to a sick body. Correcting that misalignment causing the interference at the brainstem will dramatically improve your body’s potential to be healthy the way God intended you to be.


Author: Dr. Murray Galbraith

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Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

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