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Why Did I Get Cancer?

Why Did I Get Cancer. Cancer is a systemic illness. It’s not just, “I have cancer in my blood.” Or “I have cancer in my lungs”… it is always connected, everywhere. Cancer is not an isolated experience. Cancer is not just something random that happens to you. Cancer does not stand alone, it stands in a pool of ailments and negative energy and the like. It’s up to us to clean the pool.

To answer the question, Why did I get cancer? Is to go deep because it is not a simple answer. What makes it even more complicated is there is not one single story out there who has another’s exactly like it. There may be similarities. But it will never be the exact same. So also, curing a cancer diagnosis will look different from one person to the next.

Someone might do incredible with infrared sauna therapy and a plant based diet, someone else might do better with only high dose Vitamin C therapy and a meat based diet, someone else might do better with chemotherapy! To cure cancer, it is not one size fits all. And why did cancer happen? That is not a one size fits all answer either.

What is amazing is that we have the ability to figure out clues as to exactly why we got cancer in the first place, so that we can then begin to heal it in the best way we know how, that feels right. Figuring out clues gives us a blueprint as to how we can live our lives in the future so that the cancer does not come back.

To not change one’s life after a cancer diagnosis would be a missed opportunity. An opportunity to live life in a healthier, more virant and in tune kind of way.

Why we got cancer can be broken down into different pillars. Much like I have my five pillars of health, I believe there are other pillars to look at as to why you could have cancer.

Dr. Tony Jimenez, who is a leader in alternative cancer therapy and a pioneer in the medical world, claims that cancer is multifactorial. I am so blessed to have him in the KB medical community– and during one of our conversations he once said this about the question, Why did I get cancer?

“Cancer is a multifactorial disease process. Why did you get it? We might not know the one thing, because there isn’t ONE thing. It is a combination of many factors and it stems from key principles: nutrition, toxicity, suppressed immune response, poor microbiome in the gut (where 75% of the immune system is), of course the spiritual aspect is key… oxygenation is another, we tend to be shallow breathers. Most people have a low oxygen content. And, toxicity from environmental things like emfs, 5g, cell phones, and the like. We often see a lack of sleep in many people. We see people with this and poor nutritional habits and they are sedentary.

It’s like a perfect storm for a normal cell to go rogue. It can become pre-malignant over time, it can take 5-20 years for that malignant process to manifest itself in a tumor, a nodule, a lymph node, etc… And so, this is why the treatment has to be diverse and multifactorial as well. All based as key principles that I mention in my book.”

I think it’s a good idea to assume that it is a concoction of things that cause cancer, not just one thing. So let’s explore what some of those could be.

Poor Nutrition All Your Life

This one is a tough pill to swallow. Many of us never knew any better, or everyone around us always ate a certain way so we figured it was the norm and we followed it.

Maybe we actually never felt ill until the cancer, so we thought that what we were eating was acceptable and healthy.

Deep-fried vegetables, highly processed foods like crackers and cookies and all sugary desserts are cancer causing. Inflammatory oils can be cancer causing. Not getting enough leafy greens and fruits can have pushed your body towards cancer because it wasn’t getting the nutrients it needed.

A healthy immune system is vital in disease prevention, as it recognizes and attacks mutations in cells before these turn into cancer. Not leading with plants in your diet could mean you never got the support a strong immune system would need to help prevent cancer.

But you can always change what’s on your plate, and I hope you do!

Unresolved Trauma

This is a big one. I am a big believer that if we don’t talk about our issues, they get stored in our tissues… and then disease and ailments and cancer can occur.

I believe that we can correct the nutrition and do all the therapies but if we don’t work on past and current emotional traumas in our life then we will never get through them and they can result in cancer.

I remember when I was doing recall healing (that recounts past traumas and helps you work through them).. There were many moments where I discovered information that wasn’t available into my conscious awareness. Sometimes we brush things off, or we don’t work on what happened in our childhood, we don’t deal with the traumas.. And sometimes in our adulthood, we forget about them, but then the body remembers!

If I had worked on these traumas earlier, would I have bypassed cancer? It’s quite possible! Did my past traumas encourage my cells to go rogue? I firmly believe it is possible.

You must do the work, it is never too late! And if you’re wondering what emotions are tied to specific cancers, this article is a great place to start.

Poor Immune System Response

If your immune system has not been strong all your life, it would make sense that one day all of the sudden it was pushed too far and a cancer occurred.

Perhaps you’ve had gut issues for far too long– that matters, because 75% of the immune system is located in the gut.

Perhaps it’s that your body is saying- okay, I am telling you front and center that you need to care for your immune system now! Now you can’t ignore these signs! (Cancer.) A healthy immune system is key to protect ourselves from ALL kinds of diseases. Keeping our immunity strong is most definitely the best form of prevention and our strongest defense when facing any sort of illness that threatens our lives.

Assessing and monitoring our immune system is commonly done in the blood. If the number of cells of the immune system are fine then our immune system “is fine” (in quantitative value) but as the immune system uses many elements for its functioning then evaluating should mean doing a complete check up of blood tests (hemogram , magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamin D) as well as a complete physical and psychological examination that reveals any alteration or symptom that is related to a persistent immune disease per se. What does your immune system levels look like right now? That is a good place to start!

No Spiritual Pillar

I firmly believe that having a spiritual pillar in our lives is key to good health and healing. Jesus has us go through things for a reason, cancer can be one of those things, but I know that trust in him will help us heal. Will help us find our purpose when it comes to cancer.

There’s a passage in the Bible where Jesus and His disciples were in a boat, and while Jesus slept a storm broke out. His disciples were so fearful that they awoke Jesus and questioned if Jesus cared for them. He got up and rebuked the wind and said to the waves “Quiet! Be Still!” then the wind died down and everything was completely calm. Jesus turned and asked His followers “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

I believe that living out of fear will weaken our immune system and if we have a weak immune system long enough, cancer can happen.

We can be doing everything right, but if we have no faith, we will be living in fear… and fear is a negative emotion that we don’t want hanging around in our bodies. Low vibrating emotions like fear can manifest as cancer if it sticks around long enough. One way out of fear is through faith, we can build our faith by praying. Here are some of my prayers to help you get started and grow in Faith! Karen’s Prayers

Chronic Low Oxygenation

As Dr. Tony Jimenez said, we are often shallow breathers. Many of us are not practicing beneficial breath work and many of us are cutting ourselves off of a life supply that keeps our cells healthy, vibrant and strong- oxygen!

If this continues and we are always breathing shallow or holding our breaths, of course our cells can start to go rogue!

Your body’s normal, healthy cells require a constant supply of oxygen in order to survive. Oxygen enhances your body’s innate ability to repair and regenerate– if you do not have proper oxygen, your body won’t be repairing and regenerating each day, and this can lead to cancer.

Just as prayer oxygenates our spirit, we can also start today on breath work! There are many free videos on youtube. You can also look into the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for a healing therapy if it feels right for you.

Poor Sleep Hygiene

Poor sleep habits will catch up with you. I know this is a tough one to swallow because our society is taught to grind, sleepless, be more productive! Don’t nap! Don’t rest.

Yet this is not good for the body. The body needs rest. The body needs high-quality sleep.

Have you always gotten poor sleep at night? This can add up and eventually be one of the reasons why cancer could have a window of opportunity.

If there is one silver lining- perhaps you will now finally allow yourself to sleep more! This can increase energy and also healing, as so much healing happens when you are asleep!

Because sleep is the most healing part of your day- don’t let yourself ignore it. To not give it much emphasis would be a shame. Imagine feeling well-rested all throughout your healing journey– don’t you think you would get well sooner?

Remember cancer will thrive on opportunity, If poor sleep has contributed to a cancer diagnosis, you must correct it now. No time like the present.

5g and EMF

Our bodies are not designed to be in constant contact with WiFi, 5g, and the electromagnetic field we can’t seem to get away from. We are living in the age of cell phones, laptops, and wireless everything!

EMFs are invisible Electromagnetic Fields that are produced by electrically charged objects. Electromagnetic fields are made up of an electric field and a magnetic field that is perpendicular to each other, traveling together in an invisible waveform, and they emit radiation. While many things in the natural world, including your body, produce EMFs, most of these are very low in intensity. It’s the EMFs produced by today’s technological “advances” that are worrying me. Surely this alters our cells. And surely it can be a reason you have cancer.
Many researchers believe that EMFs, especially “microwave frequency EMFs,” can affect the nervous system and create a variety of negative symptoms. These include headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fatigue, difficulties concentrating, irritability, dizziness, nausea, and more. Others believe that EMFs are also linked to cardiac arrhythmias, autism, and Alzheimer’s. Of course, there are others—including the companies that manufacture the products that emit EMFs—who believe that EMFs are harmless.

Like many things that I’ve learned it is a controversial subject. But just know there are many people who believe EMFs are a cause of cancer, and we should reduce The Dangers of EMFS if we can.

Today we are also lucky that there are companies out there who make products that can reduce EMFs. Research is one of the best things you can do! And getting out in nature will of course always help this cause.

Bottom Line:

It is so tough to determine exactly what can cause cancer. We can even look at genetics if we really want to. There are hundreds, yes hundreds, of reasons someone could get cancer. But remember, it is often not one thing and it will often not be one thing that heals you!

Diversify, keep an open mind, always seek truth, and be willing to change your life in order to be a healthier person. You deserve it.

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Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

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