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Unlocking The Secret Of Illness: Recall Healing

Secret Of Illness. Recall Healing is when you work with a professional to discover hidden conflicts within your body and psyche that could be the cause for disease or specific behaviors in your life. Recall Healing aims to clear these conflicts in order to bring about healing in the body. To LET yourself heal.

Today I speak with one of my favorite Doctors in the KB Community, Dr. Michelle Schrader, director of Recall Healing USA, and the assistant director of Recall Healing International Institute about the wonders of Recall Healing and my own personal experience with it and working with Dr. Schrader.


Karen: Thank you so much for being here with me today, Dr. Schrader. It’s so good to have you in the KB community. For everyone who doesn’t know, Dr. Michelle Schrader is the Director of the Recall Healing Institute of the USA.

You have extensive experience around the topic of recall healing, you’ve spoken all over the world in which you explain about this protocol, this healing therapy, and how there are so many benefits to it for people dealing with pain and disease. Especially cancer.

Dr. Schrader: It really does work on every illness and ailment. Even behaviors. It covers so much beyond just cancer. That’s what I love about it- it really is a way of thinking.

Karen: I’ve had the honor and blessing to work with you for a number of years, you’re one of my favorite doctors. In my healing walk, I remember connecting with you through the first year of my healing journey and the first call that you and I had. I remember that I could just not deal with the emotions that you were pulling out. It was so impacting and loaded with truth. I thought, How could someone who doesn’t know me have so much information about me? Just based on my diagnosis and symptoms… I was so impressed and it really shook me.

At the time I was not ready to deal with all of that, so I put it away. I did not speak to you for two years. And in those years I focused on nutrition and supplements and therapies… but I did not want to do the emotional work. But then later I came to understand how important the emotional state is for your overall health. Six years later I can tell you that I am convinced our emotional being is so important and I believe most cancers are rooted in this. Other factors like nutrition and environment… it does have an impact. But if we have an issue at an emotional level, that hasn’t healed, everything else will just be a trigger that will possibly unfold into something like cancer.

Dr. Schrader:
Wow, you are such a great student. That was perfect.

Karen: 😉 I want to talk to you today about the relationship you’ve seen between our emotions and health. Because people don’t always connect the two.

Dr. Schrader: What we say in recall healing is this: If we don’t deal with our issues, they’ll wind up in our tissues. When we talk about the things we have experienced in our lives, they don’t have to go into our tissues/body. We have these big things that have caused us anger or hurt, or feelings of injustice…. but we tend to brush things under the carpet and this starts to fester in our body. Culturally, we don’t air our dirty laundry. We don’t speak ill of parents. We don’t vent about what’s really going on. Etc. It makes our brain say: “Hey you sort of need a turbo function to get you through this challenge or pain you’re having.” Typically it doesn’t happen the first time, it happens after a series of the same kinds of feelings and events you’ve had in your life. Then there’s one final time that really will push your body over the edge into illness. 


Karen: I once heard you say, the mind may forget but the body will remember…

Dr. Schrader: Yes. There are books that are written on this now, it was so beautiful for me to see so many doctors agreeing on this principle. Honestly this principle has held for 1000s of years. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Ayurveda medicine… they were very much aware of the mind body connection. But somewhere along the lines with some random scientists… they said there was a disconnect from the mind and body.

I think this took away from paying attention to the mind-body connection. And this is bad because instead of thinking to ourselves: What am I feeling? It instead turns to:  What is the cause of this? What am I eating? Am I exercising right? But if I pull myself back to why this came, what is my body telling me, how am I disconnected…this allows us to move forward, pay attention, and allow our bodies to turn off the switch to what’s going wrong.

Karen: I remember clearly having many “a-ha” moments with you. Many moments where I discovered information that wasn’t available into my conscious awareness. Sometimes we brush it off, we don’t work on what happened in our childhood, we don’t deal with the traumas.. And sometimes in our adulthood, we forget. But then as you said, it gets stored in our tissues.

So I want to know, how do you define trauma?

Dr. Schrader: Often when people think of trauma they think of war or big things. But really it’s the stress of daily life. The day ins and day outs of specific stressors. It could also be one big stress- something like losing a job or a loved one… that can be big. But most of the time it’s the day in and day out stressors that build and build and build and we keep brushing it under the rug… we’re not ready to address it or we’re embarrassed we haven’t solved it yet so we stop talking about it altogether. It’s that. And then the turbo function comes into play.

In recall healing we think of it as a turbo function not a malfunction. This manifestation is helping me based on my trauma. The trauma can be big, “little things” that are ongoing, or one stress that reawakens all previous stresses. 

Karen: Trauma in childhood is so common. But we don’t look at it. Can we talk about that?

Dr. Schrader: Yes, that’s why we look at the whole timeline, it’s never just about what’s going on right now. Even before the child is born and back to their ancestors. It’s so intricate to me, that’s how it shows a divine plan, God’s plan. 

Karen: So fascinating. Also, I know what you mean about getting in the same situation over and over and over again and it eventually causes trauma. You feel like you don’t know what to do anymore. But it’s still manifesting in your body as you don’t talk about it. That conflict needs change. And it could be a past conflict.

Before we dive into that a little more, can you dive deeper into what recall healing is? It can seem so shocking and hard to believe.

Dr. Schrader: Most people hear it and think it’s this new age trend or it’s overwhelming. But remember this, it never goes against biology. I might have stomach cancer because I had a hard time digesting something in my life…that’s an example. We find that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

In recall healing, we have the science. This comes from German new medicine. Everything we experience in our life is processed through our psyche. Our education, our culture, how we were raised… all of this is processed.

We see that when people talk, people start to heal. 

Our automatic brain is not concerned about rationalizing things, it works with the best solution in the moment. So the brain takes over and says hey, you are spinning your wheels, you can’t eat and you can’t sleep and your limbs are cold, etc… we’re going to take this out of your mind and into your tissues. This can manifest as hives, cancer, heartburn, etc. The brain wants to help and it only has itself to work with. If we could give these problems to something else, it wouldn’t have to stay in our bodies.

When we find solutions, our brain can let go of the problem. If it’s a BIG trauma/stress, it can be a big repair… like cancer…

Karen: This is so interesting to me. So cancer can be a repair mechanism… it’s basically a symptom of a conflict and it’s needing to repair.

Dr. Schrader: Yes, you can even look at a tumor like a scab that happens from repair.

Karen: I also find it interesting how different cancers are tied to different parts of the body…. And different emotions. Like thyroid cancer is tied to injustice. And that immediately resonated with me. I couldn’t deal with everything else that escalated and you unfolded… it was an invitation for my body to repair.

What would be the process for someone with a cancer diagnosis that wanted to try recall healing? 

Dr. Schrader: A person that is ill, usually only has about 10% awareness as to why they are sick. We look at it like an iceberg, could be stress, diet, etc… but it’s always more underneath. And everything that happened from when you were born to now, this becomes the cycle of autonomy. The brain thinks it’s kept you alive. It says: we will keep doing what we are doing because it’s worked, you are still alive. But there is a better way.

So like for thyroid, we will want to look at all the times of injustice for you. Injustice and thyroid are tied together. Also related to thyroid is time. Oh I need to hurry up and do this. Oh I didn’t get to say goodbye when this person died! This all ties back to the thyroid. So in recall healing we name it, we claim it, so we can dump it.

With cancer, we look at all of those aspects. And then we move deeper into the waterline, 18 months before you are born. It’s important because it gives you insight.

So we do a timeline and then look at their purpose. Then we look at ancestors.

Wow, that is impressive. I am a witness to that because it was a blessing to do the work with you and we healed so much. I always say cancer is an invitation to live again, to live differently. And it has certainly happened for me.

Dr. Schrader:
It’s incredible to see how far you’ve come and what you are doing. From the first time we met to the time years after that…

Karen: I really wasn’t ready at first. I couldn’t deal with it. I know it’s a lot for people… and it’s okay to take little steps. But we need to do the work.

Dr. Schrader: Yes, progress not perfection. We just need to remember, the alternative is to stay in the pain and hurt and the suffering. And that’s the motivation.

Karen: I can definitely say I am a work in progress.

Dr. Schrader: Haha! We all are!

Karen: I have people reaching out from all over the world asking me where they can find people like you, or find biological dentists, etc… Do you have any Spanish speaking recall healers you can recommend?

Dr. Schrader: I don’t at the moment, but I do have interpreters for every language!

Karen: What if people don’t have the means to afford this therapy? What could they do?

Dr. Schrader: Well, for sure, there are lots of free videos out there that can start to give you some insight. Today, I gave you basic tools. Write your timeline, find out what you are feeling… what you are not at peace about?

Ask yourself- Are you willing to die for that?

Karen: That is so good. We get so focused on these things that make us angry, or bring out negativity… these things that are not worth it yet we let them overtake us.

Dr. Schrader: Yes! And you can do meditations online. Do frequencies online. A lot is available online. But first look at where you aren’t in peace and really work on your timeline. Just processing these things will let you start your healing journey.

My goal is to teach people these tools. If you can’t solve these emotional traumas, you will not heal.

Karen: For me personally, I don’t like to impose my faith on people but I love to share my own journey… for me, it’s going to God. It’s prayer. It’s soaking in his presence. It’s engaging in prayer and surrendering that emotion to the Lord and asking him for love and guidance. But you have helped me so much with my journey, Dr. Shcrader.

Dr. Schrader: It’s important we learn what we are about! We have to know we are in divine hands. Nobody is a mistake. Everybody here is supposed to be here. Change the perspective and you change everything. You are a perfect example of that, Karen. Your discipline, wow, I am in awe. You’re doing it!

Karen: I want to encourage people who are watching us who are dealing with cancer… have you witnessed spontaneous healings with recall healing and cancer patients, Dr. Schrader?

Dr. Schrader: I’ve seen so many amazing stories unfold. The one that is near and dear to my heart is that my Grandson had a brain tumor. And it was a process of finding out and discovering it. We used all of these tools, recall healing… he was only 5 years old and his tumor was tied to protection and integrity. And in his life, his project purpose, his Father’s life had been threatened at one point. And his son, my Grandson, downloaded the shock of that. And the best way his body could deal with this was with a tumor. When we started talking to him about this, and we named the problem, he turned into a different kid. His color returned. He was different. Instantly on his healing path.

Pancreatic, breast… I’ve seen serious cancers repaired from doing the work.

Recently my cousin passed away from cancer. And then I developed this pain in my neck… when you and I got on a call, I told you about all the emotions. I told you all about her and her cancer and how quickly she passed. As we talked, my pain disappeared… it was magical. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it. And we finished our conversation in prayer and released that. When we give ourselves space to work and process emotions, we name them and claim them… and then amazing things happen. 

Are there any last things you want to say to cancer patients?

Dr. Schrader: Cancer is not a death sentence. There is always hope. There is always a way. Work through your issues, get them out of your tissues. Trust that you didn’t get that way overnight, so sometimes it takes time to heal. Be patient and kind to yourself. One step at a time. Progress not perfection.

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Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

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