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What All Cancer Patients Need to Know About Covid-19

Cancer Patients Covid-19. This pandemic has sure brought about some lowly emotions hasn’t it? Anxiety, fear, depression… all emotions that vibrate at a low level and don’t serve us whatsoever. Cancer is not for the faint of heart.
Covid is not for the faint of heart.

And those dealing with cancer or newly in remission from cancer knowing that contracting Covid is a real risk is a very scary thought. I get it, trust me, and I am very sympathetic to this.

But remember what I said. Fear is a sin. Fear will not help us. But you know what will? Prayer. Being prepared. Knowing the facts. Being intentional. Staying calm.

That is going to help us more than anything. And in this article I am going to be talking about some hard hitting facts but then giving you some practical tips to keeping your immune system strong.

I do not want you to live in fear, I want to remain strong and steadfast and be a believer in your body’s ability to protect you!

It is all about protecting your immune system! I have some great tips for you to consider.

Facts around Cancer and Covid-19.

This pandemic really is taking a toll on cancer patient’s mental state. A recent survey by the American Cancer Society found that ~50% of cancer patients say Covid-19 has affected their mental health in a negative way and it has also hurt their ability to pay for cancer treatment.

Those at highest risk of contracting the virus are over the age of 65, those with diabetes and lung disease, and those in immunocompromised states, like those dealing with cancer.

Doctors are most worried about cancer patients who are on immunosuppressants, those with blood related cancers, and those who are recently post bone marrow transplant. Those with specific malignancies also need to be extra careful because in general, those chemotherapies have a higher rate of immunosuppression. (Source)

When it comes to Covid-19 symptoms, cancer patients can expect the same things to look for as the general population. However, something to note, those on steroids or those with Lymphoma or Luekemia might not show signs of a fever if they contract Covid, because the development of a fever would be suppressed due to their treatments.

Anxiety around Covid is very high. But please know that the vast amount of patientscontracting this virus are not dying. Be prepared and keep calm. There is so much power in staying calm and being prepared- like knowing how to take care of your immune system.

How Cancer Patients Can Boost Their Immune Systems

Practice great hand washing hygiene

I know this one is the most obvious, but I have to make sure to cover all my basis here. Don’t neglect the handwashing. Whenever you come back from leaving the house, wash those hands! Don’t touch your face. Be careful about this. Make it a point every day that this will be something you do with intention.

Be careful about who you see but stay connected

I know you know about avoiding large crowds. I know you know about avoiding people who are sick. But also see what other places you can minimize contact. For future doctor appointments, see which ones you must be there in person and see which ones you can do via telemedicine.

I do however advise you to keep talking to people and communicating through technology. Connecting is so important for the mind and spirit. Have someone teach you Zoom, Skype, google hangouts or facetime if you don’t know how to use that yet. Stay connected with your loved ones.

Eat the rainbow

Fruits and Vegetables have essential nutrients that you cannot get from other foods. The vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants in plants help keep your cells healthy and your body in balance so that your immune system can function at its best. There is much research that suggests that following a plant-based diet can boost your immunity, lower inflammation, help you fight free radicals and reduce cancer risk.

Another study shows that fruits, vegetables, plant-derived beverages such as green tea, wine, and cacao-based products are the main dietary sources of flavonoids. Flavonoids have been shown to possess a wide variety of anticancer effects: they modulate reactive oxygen species (ROS)-scavenging enzyme activities, participate in arresting the cell cycle, induce apoptosis, autophagy, and suppress cancer cell proliferation and invasiveness.

Get in your probiotics

Trust me on this. Take a good Probiotic! Being good to your gut is extra important. Did you know that 70% of your immune system lives in the gut? It’s important to be feeding the good bacteria on a regular basis. Eat prebiotic foods (like artichokes, onions, and green bananas) often and take those probiotics every day!

Get in extra Vitamin C

I highly recommend Vitamin C IV therapy if it is available to you. It is a practice I do regularly because studies have shown that the strength of your immune system and the available Vitamin C in your body goes hand in hand!

My suggestion is to get meals that have a lot of Vitamin C in them, every day. Not once a week, not every other day, every single day! If you need a big natural boost of Vitamin C, try one teaspoon of organic and raw Camu Camu in your tea or smoothies! Something that is incredibly promising with this virus- is that SHOULD we contract it, Vitamin C has been proven to help with upper respiratory tract infections. We know that Coronavirus negatively impacts the lungs- so this is great news for us knowing there have been studies that Vitamin C can help fight Covid-19! A great practice though, is take Vitamin C daily.

Get in enough Daily D!

I am talking SUN! One of my favorite activities is to simply get outside (and away from people). It activates my parasympathetic nervous system, which is great for the immune system, and also it gets me a healthy dose of Vitamin D each day! Did you know Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system? You can also supplement with Vitamin D3.

Take Beta Glucan

Oh yes, Beta Glucan is great for the immune system! βeta Glucans are one of the greatest weapons ever introduced to the immune system. They are found in the cell walls of certain types of bacteria and fungus. I know it sounds like they might not be healthy for us, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The compounds are commonly found in whole cereal grains like oats, barley, and rye. They are also found in baker’s yeast and certain types of mushrooms, with Shiitake mushrooms exhibiting the highest concentrations of βeta Glucans.

According to a 2009 study, βeta Glucans are among some of the most active compounds responsible for immune-boosting effects. That same study indicated an extensive need for further studies because of the potential these compounds have at boosting immune responses as well as their cancer-fighting potential.

Visit your local Chiropractor

Did you know spinal hygiene can help improve immune system health? Many people don’t know that the two are linked together.

Chiropractic adjustments are great because they reduce interference to the nervous system’s ability to perform at an optimal level. The nervous system controls all functions of the body and this includes the immune system. Chiropractic care should be a regular occurrence (if you can) as it can have a positive impact on immune function.

Keep your detox pathways open

I can’t say this enough- try to sweat, sweat, sweat! Whether through exercise or infrared sauna. Sweating is one way that our bodies excrete toxins. Less toxins in the body = stronger immune system! Stronger immune system = body has a more capable way of dealing with disease and illness should it ever arise.

In my journey I had to follow so many different types of healing protocols but I can tell you this is the one I enjoyed the most. I usually go at least three times a week for about 35-45 minutes depending on how much I am able to tolerate that given day. The temperature rises to 145F and it is my absolute me time. I usually bring a book or just relax and enjoy my time there. This detox time brings much relaxation keeping my adrenal glands working at their optimal levels boosting my mood and helping me relax. This will keep all stress hormones in check relieving all tension and stress.

Infrared sauna therapy will stimulate your immune system by increasing your white blood cell count, giving you more ammunition for fighting cancer cells and to improve your immune response in general. At the same time, the heat opens up your blood vessels, which enhances blood flow deep in your tissues. It also relaxes your muscles and joints. All of this can combine to provide pain relief. (Source)


This is the most important tip for keeping your immune system strong. The best part? It is free! It is free and it is the most powerful! God will always have his hand over you and He rewards those who spend time with him and trust in him! I want you to believe and feel peace knowing He is looking out for us. To end, I invite you to check out my personalized healing prayers. I hope these bless you as much as they bless me. Karen’s Healing Prayers.

Stay strong my beautiful friends and guard your Faith!


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