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Psychology of Cancer Stage 2: Grief and Despair

Psychology of Cancer Grief and Despair. In continuing our series about the psychology of cancer, we went over that there were 14 stages that one goes through on their cancer journey. The first was shock, and the second is Grief and Despair. Let’s go over this second stage.

At this point in time, the person can be living in deep grief and distress, as they are suffering the loss of an essential survival mechanism. Think about how difficult this situation would be for anyone: Suddenly someone goes from believing their bodies are their protectors, to believing their bodies actually CAN’T protect them anymore. And more than that, it is under attack. How troubling this can be in one’s mental state! I get it.

I promise you that this stage can be fleeting if you change your perspective that your body is STILL a protector. When I was going through cancer I told myself every single day that my body was strong. My body was capable of healing. That my body is a divine creation of God’s.

We can quickly move out of grief and despair when we instead draw our attention to all the love around us, when we draw to attention the fact that there are studies on high vibrations and certain frequencies being able to play a factor in curing our cancer (so we should try to vibrate high!) One we really believe that our bodies can heal, grief and despair starts to drift away.

Our bodies can become strong again.

I will say this, this stage was hard for me…  but only at first. I wept, but then I changed my outlook. And my outlook remained steadfast once I made the switch to be positive. You see, I was afraid but quickly took on my trust in Jesus to follow the path He was leading me on. I know this may not be the case for everyone but we will always have a choice and I chose to embrace the journey with much faith for the amazing possibilities God has for us. 

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Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

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