World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day. I will use my voice for a positive change.

Today February 4th is World Cancer Day! A day marked to raise awareness and to encourage cancer prevention detention and treatment. Since my thyroid cancer diagnosis, I’ve learned a great deal about the dreaded C word, how fear takes over you and how it can quickly take you deep into the pity hole. The truth is that we are all responsible for our own health and we must educate ourselves to make the most suitable choice for treatment, nutrition, and emotional & spiritual health. It’s crucial to listen to our body’s needs to be healthy in every way.

The struggles with a cancer diagnosis are very real not just to the patient but also to their families. The healing journey to recovery can be long but this is why we must choose to live every day in gratitude despite the circumstances we face. What makes a cancer Thriver/ Survivor is the person’s determination to choose to live fully today, not giving into negativity fear or self-doubt.

My experience with cancer has given me the opportunity to grow and improve my life and a very positive way. I choose today to share my journey and encourage others in their own healing path. I’ve been blessed to meet so many wonderful people from doctors to patients and walk alongside them through it all. We all have an expiration date, what matters is what we do and how we choose to live in between.

Yes, cancer can be terrifying but I’m more terrified to not fully live today. Embrace your today and be intentional to care for your health in every way.


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