Without pain how could we know Joy? - Karen Berrios

Without pain how could we know Joy?

Throughout our journey of life, we face difficult challenges that eventually build up to mountains. A mountain of sickness, a mountain of disappointment, a mountain of anger, a mountain of grief, a mountain of sadness, a mountain of depression, a mountain of pain… should I continue? The question is… Could you turn your pain into a passion to persevere? Will you let your mountains rob your joy?  I used to think that my life had to look a certain way in order for me to be happy and joyful. My mentor… “Cancer” invited me to live differently and forced me to learn to stay present. I learned to surrender it all, to release all control to my creator and choose to trust the journey. Unfortunately I had to experience cancer to learn this lesson, I hope you don’t wait for something like it to care for you and guard your joy.🦋

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