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I am frequently asked what therapies I currently follow or have done during my healing journey. I’ve created this section to answer this question, providing information about the various therapies that I’ve either tried and/or continue to follow for my healing.

Is Meat Ever Good For Cancer?

By Karen Berrios | December 15, 2020

One of my healing protocols to heal from cancer was through a whole-food, plant-based diet. I am a big believer in plants as a healing mechanism for cancer. For me, it was intuitively right. I listened to my body and the plant-based life was one that called to me. And it worked. Now that being…

Why Did I Get Cancer?

By Karen Berrios | December 9, 2020

Cancer is a systemic illness. It’s not just, “I have cancer in my blood.” Or “I have cancer in my lungs”… it is always connected, everywhere. Cancer is not an isolated experience. Cancer is not just something random that happens to you. Cancer does not stand alone, it stands in a pool of ailments and…

Which Emotions Are Tied To Certain Organs And How It Relates To Cancer

By Karen Berrios | December 2, 2020

Are emotions tied to the human body? Can emotions or past traumas cause cancer? I certainly believe so. I have stated before that I firmly believe that part of my cancer is rooted in my past life- past emotions, traumas… only the ones that weren’t serving me. The ones I couldn’t deal with that settled…

Does Hypothyroidism And Hashimotos Cause Thyroid Cancer?

By Karen Berrios | December 2, 2020

The American Cancer society has once said that around 62,450 people will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer every year. It is a big deal, and very prevalent! A big question is, does hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s cause thyroid cancer? Let’s explore that. Real risk factors for thyroid cancer Unfortunately, one of the biggest risks for thyroid…

Foods To Avoid If You Have Thyroid Cancer

By Karen Berrios | November 19, 2020

Every person is going to be so different when it comes to dietary needs. Your vitamin levels are different from mine, your life experiences, where you are origins lie, etc. One diet from the next should not be identical. However, there are definitely some overlaps when it comes to certain circumstances. What should work for…

What Herbs Help Thyroid Cancer

By Karen Berrios | November 18, 2020

As someone who healed her thyroid cancer naturally, you can’t tell me that plants aren’t potent enough to move the needle when it comes to health and disease. Today we are talking herbs, which I define as small plants with a green stem. They have leaves, seeds, maybe even flowers- and are multi-use. Could be…