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I am frequently asked what therapies I currently follow or have done during my healing journey. I’ve created this section to answer this question, providing information about the various therapies that I’ve either tried and/or continue to follow for my healing.

What is Tumeric Good For?

By Karen Berrios | July 24, 2020

I have been an appreciator of turmeric for a long time. Since my cancer thriving journey began, I have used turmeric intentionally to get the most out of its healing and therapeutic benefits. The science says it all- turmeric is a true medicinal plant! It’s not wonder holistic experts all around the world look to…

Is Functional Medicine the Solution to a Broken Healthcare System?

By Karen Berrios | July 23, 2020

In many ways, our medical system in America is broken. Referred to as conventional medicine, it is definitely effective for infections, trauma, medical emergencies, and acute diseases. However, because conventional treatment focuses on diagnosing the symptom and then prescribing a corresponding medication or recommending surgery, this approach fails millions of people each year, especially those…


By Karen Berrios | June 10, 2020

In 1975, Dr. Ronald Pero, Ph.D.. the chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s preventative medicine institute and professor of medicine at New York University began researching the ways and means to estimate an individual’s susceptibility to various chronic diseases. The specific aspects studied were “an individual’s immune system responsiveness or their immune competence”…

What Adaptogens Can Help Your Thyroid

By Katey Yurko | June 5, 2020

The thyroid. Such a little part of our body and yet such a big impact it has. Are you one of the 20 million people in America who deal with thyroid disease? Could be, as up to 60% don’t even know that have something going on. (Source) With a huge spotlight on pharmaceuticals for treating…

May 25th, World Thyroid Day!

By Karen Berrios | May 25, 2020

Today, May 25th we acknowledge once again World Thyroid Day. A day that was created with the intention to promote awareness about thyroid-related diseases. Recognized globally by the American Thyroid Association in cooperation with the European Thyroid Association the Asia-Oceania Thyroid Association and the Latin American Thyroid Society, to empower people with education about the…

How Do I Improve My Gut Health?

By Katey Yurko | May 22, 2020

Think of your gut microbiome as a lush forest of all kinds of different trees. It needs to grow, flourish, stay fresh. You need to keep that forest healthy. What are the trees? They are trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Together, they are known as the microbiome. A largely important ecosystem in your body.…