Sono-Dynamic Therapy

Sono-Dynamic Therapy. Back when I began my healing journey, Sono-Dynamic Therapy was one of the first therapies that I did. In fact, I did this therapy every day for about 1-1/2 years before my doctor recommended that I take a break from it. Recently my doctor recommended that I start doing it again for maintenance, and I’m now doing Sono-Dynamic Therapy three times a week.

What is Sono-Dynamic Therapy and how does it work?

Sono-Dynamic Therapy is a therapy that is based on sound waves and works at the molecular cellular level.

Twenty-four hours before you begin doing this therapy you ingest a special “activator,” which is a sensitizing agent substance. After this sensitizing agent substance absorbs into your blood stream it travels to and is absorbed into the cancer cells preferentially.

The therapy itself uses a hand-held device that’s slightly bigger than the size and shape of a telephone. You apply a gel to your skin in the area to be treated (in my case, this is my neck), and then gently glide the device over this area in circular motions for 25 minutes. This device puts out sound waves at the specific wave length that will activate the sensitizing agent that is now within the cancer cells. Although the device itself is used on the body externally, the sound waves that it produces can penetrate very deeply into the body’s tissues.

When these sound waves reach the sensitizing agent substance, they trigger a series of molecular reactions. These reactions create free radical oxygen molecules, which in turn work to destroy both the cancer cells and the blood vessels surrounding them. This means that Sono-Dynamic Therapy not only destroys the cancer cells directly, it also chokes off the blood supply that brings the nutrients that the cells need to survive. This is important, because one of the ways that cancer cells get the nutrients they need is to give off chemical signals that trigger new blood vessels to form as outgrowths of existing blood vessels.

What will Sono-Dynamic Therapy do to my healthy cells?

Nothing. Because the sensitizing agent substance attaches to cancer cells selectively, it does not remain attached to healthy cells. The sound waves therefore do not affect the healthy cells at all.

What are the potential benefits of Sono-Dynamic Therapy?

Sono-Dynamic Therapy can stop cancer from spreading by first stopping and then reversing the cancer cells’ growth. It can begin to reduce tumor size within one to two weeks, and then continue to choke off blood flow to the tumor areas to further reduce tumor size over time.

What are the common side effects of Sono-Dynamic Therapy?

None. Sono-Dynamic Therapy is non-invasive and non-toxic, with no side effects observed.

How do you get started with Sono-Dynamic Therapy?

Sono-Dynamic Therapy is an alternative therapy that should be done under the direction and supervision of a trained medical professional.

What does Sono-Dynamic Therapy feel like?

To be honest, I find that Sono-Dynamic Therapy doesn’t feel like anything at all. I feel the device rubbing against my skin, but that’s it. When I’m doing Sono-Dynamic Therapy I simply relax and put on an uplifting podcast or catch up on my school work by watching a video class to pass the time it takes to do the therapy.

Have you tried Sono-Dynamic Therapy? If so, what results have you seen from this non-invasive therapy? Please share your experiences in the comments section below, I would really love to learn about your journey. Let’s chat soon !

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