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My Second Major Decision / My Cancer Treatment

My Cancer Treatment

After I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma (cancer), everyone around me pushed hard to get me to start the standard treatment. “You need surgery!” they would say. “You need radiation! And you need it now!”

In spite of this pressure, my first major decision on this journey was to say “NO.” I felt like my inner voice was practically screaming that surgery and radiation were not the right path for me, and that instead of rushing into surgery I should step back, learn more and explore my options.

So I started to educate myself. I visited numerous clinics, and spoke with even more doctors on the phone. I went online. I read hundreds of accounts of alternative treatments success stories and disappointments. I prayed, turning to the Lord for guidance.

Finally, a few weeks after receiving the diagnosis, after a great deal of prayer, research and soul-searching, I made my second major decision. I decided to spend a month at the Hope 4 Cancer Institute clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. This clinic provides a variety of alternative therapies, all based on a very holistic mind/body/spirit approach to cancer treatment.

Thankfully, my family supported me in this decision. I knew that my stay in Mexico would be especially tough on my husband and three children (at the time our twin boys were 11 and our daughter was four), and was grateful that they were behind me on this. Even so, I still found myself being very guarded. By this time many of my family and friends tried to be supportive, and they kept their true feelings to themselves. I knew many of them didn’t approve of my decision, but their loving and caring hearts brought comfort to continue on with my journey. I kept my shield up, and did what I knew in my heart was best for me.

On a warm day in early October 2014 I packed my bags and went to Mexico, arriving to a clinic filled with cancer patients from across the U.S., Canada, Australia, Israel and other places around the globe. All were suffering. And all were seeking better options.

For most, the treatment offered at this clinic was a “last resort.” The conventional treatments had failed them, and now they were here to try something else. In this sense I felt empowered that I was trying this clinic’s alternative treatments first. “Oh wow,” I thought to myself. “I’m on the right track. All of these people have done surgery, chemo and radiation. It didn’t work for them and now they’re here.”

I prayed for healing for us all.

Power Thought:

I am strong and courageous to move forward despite what I see or feel.

Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

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