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Non-Toxic Easter Egg Fun

Easter Egg. I just love Easter! It is a precious holiday where we gather to remember what our Lord Christ Jesus did for us all. Of course, with it comes the many traditions such us egg hunting, egg coloring, chocolate eggs, candy, Easter baskets, etc. But it wasn’t until after I was diagnosed I discovered the truth behind the toxic materials we are surrounding our children with!

Our lives are filled with chemicals, in places we may or may not even realize. As I’ve mentioned previously, since having been diagnosed, I have made significant changes to the products I use in my home, particularly cleaning products. After all, if you wouldn’t ingest it, why would you want to absorb it through your skin?

As we approach Easter, there is a source of toxins that you may not even be aware of: artificial dyes.

I’m sure your children love the tradition of dying the eggs in bright, festive colors. Your children probably also enjoy eating the eggs once they’ve found them. The problem is that eggshells, especially once they have been washed, are especially porous. Take that porous, boiled egg, and then immerse it in artificial food dyes, and you’ve effectively soaked your egg in the dye chemicals, whether or not the egg inside appears to be colored.

The United States is one of the few developed countries that allows artificial food dyes; many other countries formulate their dyes from natural sources, such as brightly colored vegetables. The harmful effects of these dyes are becoming so well known that many in the U.S. are pushing for their ban. Artificial food dyes are linked to hyperactivity, ADHD, aggressive behavior, tantrums, and even learning disabilities.

How to make easter eggs

Instead of filling your childrens’ Easter baskets with toxins this year, consider using natural sources to dye your eggs. This not only produces beautiful eggs, but it’s also fun! Mommypotamus has fantastic instructions for this activity, using these easy-to-find foods:

  • Yellow – Tumeric or Chamomile tea
  • Pink – Beets
  • Blue – Purple Cabbage
  • Purple – Beet Kvass
  • Orange – Yellow Onion peels

Not only will this reduce the chemical load that your child’s body is forced to carry as a result of the toxins that are in our modern world, but it also creates lasting memories and a cherished tradition. To obtain a non-toxic natural dye kit, click here!

Wishing you all a Happy & Blessed Easter!



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Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

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