Psychology Of Cancer Stage 11 Depression
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Psychology of Cancer Stage 11: Depression

Psychology of Cancer Depression. As we continue to dive deeper into understanding the process of each stage of the “Psychology of Cancer” today we will review stage 11 – Depression. According to the Flower Society, this stage of depression is reached “Because of the previous negative emotional states, (previous stages) the person can find no joy, no sweetness in life, no reason why to genuinely wish to live.”

Depression is so real nowadays, even commonly found among the younger generation. I don’t consider myself old but honestly, while I was growing up depression was not a common state or perhaps I didn’t see it as much as we see it today. If a person has no joy, no reason to genuinely live for, then truly what is there to look forward to? I have personally experienced this stage in different seasons of my life and when talking about cancer, well I can see how one can quickly partner with hopelessness, negativity, exhaustion, and every negative emotion we have already discussed in previous stages.

I am not a doctor or a therapist, but I am a thriving cancer patient. I can tell you what has helped me so much to get out of all those stages and choose to thrive daily. I know it is not easy, trust me I know but let me remind you, that you will always have just 2 roads to choose from every day you get up. The wide road where many of us can quickly identify with because it is easier to surrender your health to your doctors and not you. It is easier to surrender your emotions to your circumstances or others and not yourself. And the narrow road, that requires you to have the courage to wrestle with your thoughts, your feelings, and your circumstances. This requires work, and much intention upon your part to really want to thrive daily.

Infographics Psychology Of Cancer Stage 11 Depression

Infographics Psychology Of Cancer Stage 11 Depression

While in this stage once, the Lord showed me how He knows everything there is to know about you and me. As he examines our innermost being with His loving gaze. He further showed me how He perceives our every movement of our hearts and souls and understands every thought even before it comes to our minds. He continued to reassure me that He’s gone into our future to prepare the way, and in kindness He follows behind us, to spare us from harm of our past. With His hand of love upon our lives, He proceeds to impart a Father’s blessing to us. This all became too deep and incomprehensible, yet knowing this truth brought much wonder and strength to me. There is no place we could go and hide as He is every where, even if we choose to hide in the darkest hour of depression, His presence is there bringing light into our night, our pain, there’s no darkness with Him. He knows all about you and me, He formed every bone in our bodies when He created us in the secret place, making us from nothing to something. He’s numbered our days and recorded them onto His book of life. I pray for Him to see our path of pain and lead us back to His glorious, everlasting ways, the path that brings us back to HIM. Psalm 139.

Depression is real but so are His ways. You will always have a choice, and remember “Mindset and Choice will always roll under the brim of Victory

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Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

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