Liver Cleanse - How to Detox Your Liver Naturally
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Liver Cleanse – How to Detox Your Liver Naturally

Liver Cleanse. When we talk about detoxing our bodies, we usually think of a liver cleanse as it’s the one organ in our bodies that filters our blood and breaks down poisonous substances, reducing their impact on our health. So what can we do to support our liver and cleanse it naturally? Here’s what you should know. 

The Liver Organ – Liver Cleanse

The liver is the largest solid organ in our bodies that performs over 500 essential functions. From removing toxic substances in our blood and producing bile to producing essential nutrients and regulating blood sugar levels. It’s located in the upper right part of your abdomen, right on top of your stomach, and it’s shaped like a cone. There are rare instances where the liver can be found on the left side, and that condition is called situs inversus

The liver holds about 13% of our total blood supply, and it gets constantly supplied through both, the hepatic artery and vein portal. The liver’s role in our bodies is huge as it helps perform hundreds of processes, but when any of its functions are impaired, it can have drastic consequences on not just liver health, but the health of our entire bodies. 

Liver Functions – Liver Cleanse

This important organ is involved in myriad processes and some of the most important include:

  • Filtering blood from all the toxins and harmful substances.
  • Producing albumin, an important amino acid that carries micronutrients throughout the body as well as prevents fluids in the bloodstream from leaking into the surrounding tissue.
  • Producing cholesterol and other important proteins to help carry fats throughout the body.
  • Regulating the levels of amino acids in the bloodstream.
  • Processing glucose and regulating its levels in the body by getting rid of the excess and storing it as glycogen. 
  • Producing bile, a yellow and greenish secretion that aids in the digestion and breakdown of ingested fats, and a substance that has recently been proven to be even more beneficial than we thought. Studies show how it might be useful in treating multiple sclerosis, but the research is still pretty young.
  • Regulating blood clotting as it can only be done with the help of vitamin K, an important micronutrient absorbed by bile. 
  • Helping prevent infections by removing bacteria and other harmful pathogens from the bloodstream as well as making immune factors.
  • Acting as storage for important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other compounds.
  • Processing hemoglobin for the use of its iron content which is then also stored in the liver.
  • Clearing out bilirubin from red blood cells in order to prevent the so-called Gilbert’s syndrome

As you can see, the liver is an incredibly busy organ, helping optimize your health and protect you from toxins. 

Liver Disorders – Liver Cleanse

All of the abovementioned functions of the liver are working in harmony when there is no inflammation, but once some of its functions are impaired, we’re talking about a liver disorder that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Having a healthy liver is crucial for your overall health and well-being, and knowing how to take care of your liver and do an efficient liver detox is one of the best ways to ensure that. 

There are many different causes of liver disorders, but one of the most prevalent in today’s world remains the use of alcohol and drugs. These toxic substances overwhelm the liver and can cause severe problems when it’s trying to perform its functions and help get rid of the harmful substances. 

Alcohol-related Liver Disease

Drinking too much alcohol creates a chronic inflammation of the liver, also known as hepatitis. Even though hepatitis is usually caused by a viral infection, it can also be a result of excess alcohol consumption. Hepatitis can occur even after only one night of one too many, but once it becomes chronic, it can cause fatty liver disease and inflict permanent damage to the liver (cirrhosis).   

Fatty Liver Disease

Usually caused by alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver disease can develop even without alcohol in the picture. Also known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, this disorder is caused by an accumulation of fat in the liver, impairing its functions. It’s usually more common in people who are overweight, have high blood pressure and cholesterol, or are diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes. If the fat in your liver causes inflammation as well as liver cell damage, the disease is called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, and it can be life-threatening.


This liver disorder is caused when there’s too much iron in your liver, and it’s usually a genetic disease. Iron overload can cause plenty of other complications and become life-threatening if left undealt with. 

Wilson Disease

On the other hand, when there’s too much copper in your body, it’s called Wilson disease, and even though it’s a rare genetic condition, it can cause permanent and deadly organ damage including the liver and even your brain.  

Viral Hepatitis (A, B, & C)

Inflammation of the liver can also be a result of a viral infection. All three viruses causing hepatitis are highly contagious and can create severe complications to the health of your liver. There are existing vaccines for these viruses, and they’re currently the best line of prevention against getting infected, even from a very young age. 

Liver Cancer

Like every other cancer in the body, liver cancer is characterized by abnormal cell growth in the organ, causing it to either impair or cease its function. It’s mostly caused by excess alcohol consumption and poor dietary lifestyles where the inflammation of the liver becomes chronic and causes permanent damage to the organ. It can also be caused by an ongoing viral infection, smoking cigarettes, drug abuse, as well as getting poisoned by aflatoxin, a fungus that can grow on foods. 

Liver Cleanse – How to Detox Your Liver Naturally?

Now that we know what are the main causes of liver disorders, it’s time to talk about the best ways to help detox your liver in the most natural way, without the use of pharmaceuticals or other medical treatments. 

Some of the best ways healthy liver cleanses include:

  • Treating it like it’s the most important organ in the world by limiting or abstaining from alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. 
  • Paying attention to your diet and staying away from processed foods and excess sugars that can only overwhelm your liver.
  • Eat plenty of potassium-rich foods that can help
  •  of your liver. These include sweet potatoes, bananas, dark greens, and beans.
  • Taking liver-supporting supplements such as milk thistle, helps eliminate the build-up of heavy metals, pollutants, and even excess alcohol
  • Other liver-supporting supplements you can add to your diet to cleanse your liver include dandelion root, which has a natural diuretic effect that helps your liver get rid of toxins faster and easier, burdock root which helps cleanse the blood, turmeric which is a strong anti-inflammatory agent, and bupleurum root, known in Chinese medicine to be one of the most beneficial and cleansing plants for the liver and its Qi energy. 

What About Juice Cleanses? – Liver Cleanse

Juice cleanses are popular, but they aren’t the best way to go around detoxing your liver. As much as adding a variety of colorful vegetables and fruit into your diet can help you in every aspect of your well-being, they are often considered to be the holy grail of detox. You are not actually detoxing the liver, you’re helping this important organ perform all of its functions in the most optimal way, and one of its main functions is to detox your blood from harmful substances. Juicing is great on a general health basis, but it shouldn’t be done only and exclusively to cleanse your liver. 

Final Thoughts

Your liver is the main organ that helps prevent toxins from flowing freely in your body and making sure its functions are not impaired should be one of your main health goals. Pay attention to your dietary and lifestyle habits and keep your liver healthy so you can rest assured no toxins can harm you. 

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