Can you have faith and doubt

Can you have faith and doubt?

Faith is not the absence of doubt, it’s the means to overcome it. – Steven Furtick.​

It is hard to have faith when we only see despair or pain in our unchanging circumstances. I can honestly say that we have all fallen guilty of doubt at some point in our journey. But is having doubt a bad thing? the feeling of uncertainty can encourage you to be faithful to call into existence what is yet to exist.
In my healing journey I have faced doubt in multiple occasions. Last week I had my blood work done as a routine follow up and doubt snuck its ugly head once again. Why I wondered? The simple answer is that I am human. I quickly recognize what I am doing and I choose to no longer participate in such mental warfare. But what helps me overcome doubt? the simplest answer is my Faith!
Keeping my FAITH strong is vital to keep my peace and stay on top of my game. Here are some tips I can share that perhaps can help you build your faith.

  • Practice Love & Acceptance
  • Engage into mindful prayer
  • Stay Present
  • Read the word of God
  • Believe
  • Create your reality

This may look very different for you but what matters is that faith can guard your peace and hope to expect what is yet to be seen. Keep it, guard it, as it is by His grace a beautiful gift.
How about you? Do you find yourself in frequent doubt? How do you build your faith?

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