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Why I Choose BioDentistry

Why I Choose BioDentistry. I am constantly amazed at the connections the environment has on me. Everything I put into my body has an impact on a cellular level. We all know that we are what we eat. That is because what we eat and drink to nourish us is broken down and absorbed into our bloodstream. Each cell is nourished (and sometimes damaged) by what is traveling through our blood. In my own path to enlightenment, I have found so many connections to my overall health in places I never fully expected to find them. One of those places has been through oral care, oral hygiene, oral health, and dentistry.

The Oral Health and Overall Health Connection

Did you know that a lot can be learned about our health through our mouths? An in-depth 2012 study showed a connection between gum disease and heart disease. Since those results were published, many researchers have continued to study the connection between oral and overall health. It makes sense that a variety of stresses can be put on the body because of bad oral health.

If we take it a step further, why would I want to treat my mouth different than the rest of my body? I am focused on nutrition and nourishing my body with the right things. I also try to prevent problems through avoiding things that are harmful to my body. So why would I not take the same approach with treating my mouth

In my article about previous article Biological Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry, I compare the two and how much the Biological Dentistry resonates with me. In fact, earlier in my walk I learned that each tooth is connected to an organ. (See chart below)

Teeth and Organ Connection

It came as no surprise to me to learn that some of the teeth I have had worked on in the past are connected directly to the thyroid and the gut. A 2017 study shows a connection between the types of cells found in teeth and certain types of organs within the body. It is another promising breakthrough in dentistry that shows how we are connected as a whole. We are not just individual systems and parts that make up one piece.

My Recent Personal Experience

After my cancer diagnosis, it was recommended I have a complete restoration of my mouth. In the past, I have had a couple root canals and other traditional dentistry performed. The restoration included removing all the old metal fillings. I had to find a biological dentist in my area and I am so blessed to have found Dr Dollins from Bel Villaggio Dental in Temecula. She is very knowledgeable and has helped me a great deal during my entire healing journey. Dr Dollins and her team have hand held me through the entire process till today, she takes care of my entire family’s dental needs. As I’m nearing the end of my treatment, my dentist discovered one of my teeth was “sick”. The root was starting to deteriorate. Dr Dollins advised pulling the tooth or wait for a while to see what happens, something told me to just wait. I visited another biodentist for a second opinion, and he agreed with Dr Dollins’ recommendation. Still, I wasn’t ready to have that tooth treated, so I waited.

While I waited, I continued to fuel my body properly. And as of May, that tooth has healed. It is amazing to both Dr Dollins and me, but the proof is right there on film. Proper nourishment and an approach that is in tune with my own body has helped to repair it. When given the right resources, our bodies are amazing in their ability to bounce back and heal! I am so grateful with Dr Dollins and her team for their dedication to help and support patients like me, I am thriving and blessed!

The Biological Approach

Biodentists work with your body and try to avoid putting metal or unnatural things in the mouth through the teeth. I have just finished the complete restoration of my mouth. It was long and hard, but the result is worth it. Biodentists, like Dr Dollins consider the whole person and the whole body, not just the mouth. This speaks to my own approach toward my entire healing journey. The biological approach is about doing what is best for the individual. It is not a one size fits all approach. Anything introduced to your mouth, tooth, and inevitably your bloodstream is carefully considered in relation to your biology. It’s certainly an approach I can get behind!

Why is Metal Avoided in Biodentistry?

Some metals are crucial components of our body and necessary for biologic functions. Metals like iron, which help transport oxygen within our blood; magnesium, which helps maintain normal neurologic function and helps support a healthy immune system; and zinc which plays a role in immunity and cell division and generation. However, these are also considered heavy metals, and constant and chronic environmental exposure is harmful to good health. Metal in your mouth is something that continues to leach into your bloodstream over time. Metals deteriorate in your mouth, and your mouth is the first point of digestion for your body.

As metals break down in your mouth, they enter your bloodstream in two different ways. They are absorbed through gum tissue directly into your bloodstream. And they are also swallowed with saliva and absorbed into your bloodstream through your stomach. This creates a continual attack on your body at a cellular level, traveling everywhere from your toes to your brain!

Some of the most common metals used in traditional dentistry include cadmium, mercury, gold, aluminum, nickel. They also contain a long list of disease-causing and cancer-causing metals and compounds used in treatment. Some of these most commonly used treatment metals are also some of the most noted as being toxic to our bodies! A 2014 review goes in-depth about some of the issues associated with toxicity of some of the most common environmental heavy metals. Many of these are used with alarming regularity in traditional dentistry.

Interestingly enough, a June 2015 study shows that all-ceramic dental prostheses are slightly more durable than those with a metal and ceramic composite. Yet traditional dentistry still tends to lean toward use of metals.

Final Thoughts

My own journey has seen a lot of ups and downs. As I have gone through certain types of treatments and during my restoration process, there were times when I was down for the count. After removing the metal fillings, my body needed to detoxify. The metals we put into our mouths through traditional dentistry have been proven to cause disease. Root canals have a high rate of complete failure. They have even higher rates of inflammatory responses, infections, and illness afterward. To me, it just makes sense to take an approach with my oral health that fits my overall approach to health and wellness. A biodentist values my approach and caters it to me. For me, it really is a no-brainer. For more information about BioDentistry or to read about the thoughts of a BioDentist, check out this great book on Amazon.

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