Meet Karen Berrios

This is my story. My connection with those going through something similar. A way I can share my opinions and others through a medium that I pray reaches those who need this information. This comfort.

I took the path less traveled, a path on which I strongly believe the Lord is walking right alongside me.
I started my healing path in 2014 as a wife, mother of three, and a business owner. I held these titles before cancer, during cancer, and now as a cancer thriver after cancer! I am empowered, strong, healthy and vibrant.

The C diagnosis has given me an invitation to live again, allowing me to learn so much about myself, health, relationships, lifestyle, and of course this awful disease… cancer…

To be in remission is the greatest gift. And now I feel it is my duty from God to help those who are also going through it, or are also in remission. Even to the caretakers and those going through chronic pain or illness. This page is for you.
I decided to start a blog to share my experiences. Of course, many of you may ask why? Why would this woman make herself open and vulnerable to thousands of strangers on the internet? Simple! An amazing invitation was given to me, to embark on a healing journey, not only to bring back physical order but to heal my mind and soul, to develop and grow into a new season of change. Although I don’t have all the answers and I don’t have it all together, I feel I have radically healed and I feel others can too. Every day I am brimming with more and more knowledge as I am forever seeking and reporting back to the community I care about. I want to share, ignite and declare the works of that healing light that dwells in all of us.
I knew I could beat cancer. I knew I could come back stronger. I now live my life out as an even better version of myself than before. And I did it. I beat cancer. I did it holistically and with God’s healing strength and grace. I want you to feel the power to do this as well! Everyone is different and everyone has different needs, but mindset should always be the same: powerful and calm.

It is my hope and prayer that by sharing my journey, you and others can benefit from what I’ve learned. If you, too, are searching for answers, I want you to know that you are not alone, that I am right here with you. But most importantly I want you to know that the power to heal is within you.

Eternally Hopeful

Karen Berrios