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An Innovative Treatment Approach Immunotherapy

Treatment Approach Immunotherapy. As many of you already know, in May-2017 I visited Peru to start a new cancer therapy. I am seeing Dr. Cesar Nunez, a conventionally-trained MD and scientist researcher, who has chosen to work in the field of immunotherapy with cancer patients.

I was immediately impressed by Dr. Nunez. He strikes me as very well-educated, and highly-trained in the field of cancer. While he is obviously making a living through his clinic, I can perceive that making money is not what drives this humble man. His heart is to help people heal from cancer.

In discussing cancer with Dr. Nunez I’ve had a number of “ah ha” moments. He understands that cancer is a multi-factorial disease. He does not discuss cancer as an immune system disorder, but rather as an acquired deficiency (which, because cancer is a multi-factorial disease and not every patient is the same, can have any number of causes).

Dr. Nunez offers a very innovative treatment that’s based on a concept that has been around for quite some time: the vaccine. With a vaccine the patient is injected with a minute amount of the actual virus, so that their immune system can develop antibodies to it. With this treatment, however, it is a host that initially develops these disease-fighting antibodies, rather than the patient.

For this treatment, the patient’s blood is drawn and then injected into a host, which in this case is a chicken. The idea is that the host’s immune system will work to fight off the cancer cells that are in the patient’s blood, and will develop immunity and antibodies to this cancer. After approximately 10 days the host, which is serving the higher purpose of helping a cancer patient to fight off this terrible disease, is humanely killed. The host’s blood is then processed into a powder form and put into capsules. The patient then takes these capsules, which in theory contain antibodies to their own cancer cells, for the prescribed length of time.

Before coming to Peru

Before coming to Peru I spoke to a handful of Dr. Nunez’s patients, people who had agreed to serve as references for him. All of these patients had had aggressive cancers: brain tumors, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer. All are now in complete remission.

While in Peru I have unexpectedly spoken to another one of his patients. As a friend took me to a church service. On the way back I started sharing about this doctor and treatment…and my friend finished the story for me! It turns out that she knows a lady from her church whose husband was healed of lung cancer by this doctor’s treatment. My friend immediately put me in touch with this woman, who told me that she and her husband found Dr. Nunez through two other people that they personally know who he had helped heal. This confirmation was unexpected but welcomed keep in mind that my Christian friend has no connection with Dr. Nunez.

Coincidently during my two and a half week stay I learned that a childhood friend went to medical school with Dr. Nunez for 8 years. As you could imagine I was impressed once again as to how God pours mercy confirmations just in case I had any doubts of my decision to come to Peru and follow this new therapy protocol.

Dr. Nunez’s

Dr. Nunez’s approach is very holistic and extremely personalized. It’s a mind/body/spirit approach that considers the whole person—including emotions, nutrition and physical activity— not just the lab work and scans. Which, of course, is in perfect alignment with what I know in my heart is best for me.

In fact, his is the most detailed and personalized approach that I have experienced during my three-year cancer journey. For example, take nutrition. Dr. Nunez sat down with me and analyzed the minute details of what I eat, calculating my intake of calories and various nutrients, and making specific recommendations for improvement. He really took the time to hear me as a patient and understand and identify my routine.

Dr. Nunez has told me that he does not have the resources to conduct a rigorous clinical study to provide scientific proof of the efficacy of this treatment. A treatment, I should mention, that he is the first to admit does not work for every patient. However, Dr. Nunez believes that patients and doctors must focus on a mind body soul healing approach. With this is in mind he shared his experience on an in-house research done with 20 of his patients. Although Dr. Nunez understands and supports a healthy nutritional lifestyle, none of the 20 patients changed their diet, 70% of them started exercising, and all of them made emotional changes in their lives. Today 100% of these 20 patients are in full remission. I appreciated him sharing his findings as it confirms to me that healing is not just about cutting organs, poisoning or burning our bodies back into health. But rather looking into a whole body approach and the emotional factor continues to be pointed out as a significant element for everyone’s healing.

Many of my readers have been messaging me, wanting to get more information about Dr. Nunez. At this point I just want to share what’s happening and bring you on this journey with me. I am not yet in a position where I feel comfortable enough to provide a referral. I want to experience this treatment myself and see the results.

I’m excited to see what working with Dr. Nunez will bring. Obviously my hope and prayer is that this treatment will help me to heal completely, with no evidence remaining of disease. Time will tell what the outcome will be…and I so appreciate your prayers and good wishes as I go down this new path. As always I welcome your input and I thank you very much for reading.


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Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

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