Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

Call into existence things that don’t yet exist

Call into existence things that don’t yet exist. Having a cancer diagnosis is a very scary thing I know but I will have to say that my faith in Jesus helped me a great deal with this process. In my walk with God I had learned that the power of the tongue is very important and crucial for us to receive healing. Our faith activates God’s intervention but our tongues are used to proclaim the healing words God has taught us in His word, the bible.

Having been diagnosed with cancer is a true FACT, however, I believe God can bring life to the dead and call things into existence that do not yet exist. [Romans 4:17] Therefore, in my walk with God, I have learned that although we are dealing with facts (cancer diagnosis) I will not go around proclaiming it that it is mine. I want to encourage you to not go around saying “I have cancer.” Instead, we should say, “I am healed.” This will help persuade us to, in FAITH, change our self-image. It is unexplainable really, but something very powerful is released when we practice this, regardless of our circumstances or how we feel.

When we choose to repeat God’s healing promises over and over with our mouth, these become embedded into our hearts as we speak them. Again, we don’t deny that sickness exists, because there is no power in denying sickness. But rather, we deny its right to exist in our bodies.

By calling things the way they are we empower our present circumstances to reign in our hearts, minds and bodies. But if we shift from that truth and, in faith, claim God’s healing promises over our bodies, we can change our hearts, minds and bodies.

God gave me a healing promise at the beginning of my journey and I would repeat it multiple times when I was in fear or when I felt sick. I would speak this out loud to myself, along with other healing promises that I had memorized. I know our bodies and cells hear everything we say, it is very powerful. So we must remember to be gentle with ourselves and be aware of what we are saying.

I recall one season when I was having so many symptoms on my neck that my doctor suggested I do an ultrasound to make sure things were okay in there. I clearly remember him saying, “let’s check and if things have worsened, we will come up with another plan.” I remember I stopped him right there and said, “no…things have not worsened. I have been given a promise and I am healed.” We have to stand in faith and call what we want until it manifests.

And what about that ultrasound? I received one of the best reports I had seen in my three-year healing journey then!

If any or all of this resonates with you, I want to encourage you to take charge of your tongue and be intentional to speak life, truth, and healing. I am not saying to deny the facts or your feelings but those will only give you information of where you are but not where you’re headed. You are the one that has the choice to partner with God and demand your healing to manifest. Here are some healing declarations I have used and found helpful to shift my environment and support change. I hope and pray it helps you in your journey. Sending you much love and many blessings! 

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Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

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