Don’t Give Your Power Away

Don’t Give Your Power Away

It’s easy to get upset over the annoyances in life. Someone cuts you off on the road. The person at the front of the checkout line can’t find their credit card. You and your spouse end up fighting over something that’s truly insignificant in the big scheme of things. Something happens, you go straight to feeling anger and frustration, and that negativity interferes with your joy. As I say to my daughter when her older brothers tease her, don’t give your power away like that! Don’t give that other person so much power over you that you give your joy away! Besides, getting angry, and then finding the energy to get past that anger and go back to joy, can be exhausting. It’s much easier to keep your power and avoid letting yourself get upset in the first place.


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I have found my cancer journey to be a positive and profound transformational experience. I’m inspired to share my healing journey here, and trust you’ll find hope, encouragement and purpose as you discover the healing power that lies within you.