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Decisions About My Thyroid Cancer

My Thyroid Cancer

The days and weeks after I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer – papillary thyroid carcinoma, to be exact – went by in a blur.

Everyone around me was sounding the constant drumbeat of “You must have surgery. You must have the tumor removed. Surgery and radiation is how this is treated. This is what you must do.”
Some said, even if you don’t want surgery, you must do something alternative NOW!

There was this urgency when people spoke with me that I had to make a decision FAST! Which added more stress to the already stressful situation. But everything in me was saying “No! Surgery and radiation is not the best path for me. I want to step back, learn more, explore options.” After all, it had taken a long time for my body to develop cancer. My inner being said it is okay to wait a few days and explore…and this is what I did.

I went online and began to educate myself. The first site I found was Chris Beat Cancer. I was so inspired by this site! I was amazed to see that others have beat cancer through alternative treatments, and that there was so much information about it, which I never heard through mainstream medicine. His site offered useful resources I was able to utilize immediately in my life.

But, meanwhile, standing up to the pressure was exhausting. During this period of time I saw a few conventional doctors, spoke with alternative doctors over the phone, and received a lot of opinions not only from doctors but also from people around me. I was told by the medical community that nobody deserves to die from thyroid cancer, and that if you have to have cancer it’s the “best one to have” because the treatment is so much more successful than other cancers. I also had a doctor tell me flat out that I was being “stupid” for not following the standard treatment advice.

And it wasn’t just the doctors. It seemed that everyone in my life – my husband, my family, my friends – everyone was sounding the “surgery surgery surgery, radiation radiation radiation” alarm. And I was refusing to accept it.

In my search for answers I read a lot of posts and other peoples’ stories about this pressure, so at least I knew I wasn’t alone. I also knew that, at least where my family and friends were concerned, all of this pressure was coming from a place of both love and fear. These people all loved me, and were absolutely terrified that they might lose me. When they heard “cancer” they heard “sickness and death,” and they were anxious for me to follow the only path that they were familiar with, a path that they believed would allow me to beat this cancer and continue to be in their lives.

I understood where they were coming from, but it took a lot out of me to stand up to the pressure. Dealing with everyone telling me I was wrong and that the way I was approaching things was wrong was honestly the last thing I needed at that time. But I did deal with it, and in the process I learned a lot about who I am and how I’m wired. It was clear to me that we all have this intuition, this small voice in us that if we yield to it we will know deep down what to do even if it seems crazy to others. I learned I could stand up to the pressure, choose not to cave in to the fear, and continue on the path that I knew in my heart was the right one for me.

Power Thought

I release myself from discouragement and negativity and I receive rays of revelation-truth to comfort and gently lead my shining path.

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Karen Berrios Inner Healing - is't ok to take collagen if you had breast cancer

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