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My Therapies

I am frequently asked what therapies I currently follow or have done during my healing journey. I’ve created this section to answer this question, providing information about the various therapies that I’ve either tried and/or continue to follow for my healing.

January Thyroid Awareness Month 2021

By Karen Berrios | January 8, 2021

This month is so personal and precious to me. I am a thyroid cancer survivor and I have seen in my life first hand just how many people are affected by a thyroid disease. To be able to be in a position to shed some light on this topic is precious to me because I…

What Is Colostrum And What Can It Do For Us?

By Karen Berrios | December 28, 2020

Colostrum is a super hot topic right now. Claims that it is anti-aging, great for the immune system, good for joints, for skin… There are many claims out there. Like you, I was interested to find out what the benefits are. What science says. What the experts believe to be true. Let’s dive in! What…

Unlocking The Secret Of Illness: Recall Healing

By Karen Berrios | October 23, 2020

Recall Healing is when you work with a professional to discover hidden conflicts within your body and psyche that could be the cause for disease or specific behaviors in your life. Recall Healing aims to clear these conflicts in order to bring about healing in the body. To LET yourself heal. Today I speak with…

How do Phytochemicals Prevent Cancer?

By Karen Berrios | October 12, 2020

I am a big believer in plants being the most healing thing we can put in our bodies. I believe that God created an earth that would naturally house every single little thing we need to live a long and healthy life. In a world of sugar and meat and inflammatory oils… I look to…

What To Do For Daily Cell Rejuvenation

By Karen Berrios | October 6, 2020

When was the last time you thought about your health on a cellular level? We often think about gut health, the health of our skin, maybe even our livers… these are common things we look after, but what about looking at things as granular as our DNA? Our cells. Strong cells = strong immune system.…

How Maca Can Help With Thyroid Disorders

By Karen Berrios | September 7, 2020

Who knew such great power could come from such a tiny adaptogen vegetable? For those of you who are already familiar with maca, you know the amazing benefits this Peruvian superfood can have. In Peru, maca is grown in the mountains. The higher the elevation, typically the better the maca is. It is considered one…